The initiative of educating students and professionals in bespoke technical domains also extends our hand of community outreach and interaction with our valuable learners. Our daily webinars and videos on the latest technology trends and developments help us achieve this

But like every big move that was and is taken in the history of mankind, it must answer three very pertinent questions.

Why this?

In a world bound by internet and connectivity, people are starting to find out quick ways to finish their tasks and learning is no different. But unlike others, it can find a parallel. Through our webinars, we work towards introducing students to modern technologies and their intricacies.

What do we achieve?

Our goal has always been to help students and ourselves realise the power of “Educate to Innovate” and is at the heart of what we teach. We combine theoretical concepts with practical exposure to help the learners attain a wealth of knowledge and experience within the domain.

How does it work?

One day, one domain, one webinar

As does any good work needs to reach out to maximum benefactors, for the same, it needs a medium, a herald. Similarly, we air our webinars on prominent video sharing websites like Zoom and Youtube where viewers can come up any time of the day and check-in through more than 40+ hours of dedicated content aimed at demystifying the complexities of these technologies and their tenets.

The Instructors

The show masters or The ringleaders as we fondly call them, we are in collaboration with the creme-de-la-creme of talent who form part of our teaching ensemble.

From working at some of the best places to training some top talent and still going on, our group of specialists are available at the click of a button. Get to know and learn from the connoisseurs who have been there and done that.

Meet Our Mentors

We have told you a bit… But you still don’t need to take our word for it.

42+ hours of dedicated learning content (stream and upload)

New webinars every day. New videos every week.

25,000+ views on webinar uploads, and many more

Major disciplines like Machine Learning, DevOps and Data Science covered

Be a part of the diverse learning community that forms the heart of India’s fastest-growing professional training and certification platform.

The best part is though….we are just getting started.

Have you yet? Haven’t you?

Now what you need to do is

Join us on Meetup and Youtube and stay updated on new webinars and uploads and the latest, up-to-date explanations of technologies ruling the cyber age.


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