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Welcome to K9-K12 Program. There is a saying that there is no age for learning, so why not start early then? As going by the above adage, we are here to ensure that your kids are ahead of the curve in their formative years in all aspects of education. We teach concepts from Scratch, Math and Coding in their teens and young age.

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Why is Coding Language for Kids important?

Stats don't lie

By 2022, the global demand for STEM related jobs will grow by 13% of which 14% are computing related. Give your child a headstart to meet these global demands

Improve problem-solving skills

Your child will learn to break down complex problems into smaller, understandable parts

Peer advantage

Possessing an in-demand skill like coding at a young age can be a competitive advantage when applying to colleges and internships

How Verzeo Delivers Online Programming Classes for Your Kid?

Live Online Coaching Sessions

Continuous Student Assessment

Continuous Mentor Support

Small Batch Size Per Session

Different Math/Coding Courses

K9 - K10

Logical Aptitude
JEE Math-Coding

K11 - K12

Coding Stimulus
Advance JEE Math

2,000+ hours of training sessions with 200+ students conducted. Join the revolution now!