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Our assurance for your bright future doesn't just stop at providing you with learning opportunities. We go the extra mile.

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The current global situation

The current times have gripped us all in difficult circumstances with millions of people affected not just with the rampaging spread of COVID-19 but also inflicted economically due to it by losing their jobs and income and for many, their dreams and aspirations in their career. This has, in turn, provided a damaging blow to the revenue streams of our economy

The conundrum surrounding the job market

It is true that the global crisis has struck the Indian economy hard with very serious ramifications on the job market. Many individuals are losing their jobs without any formal notice and no domain, specialised or not, is an exception to this situation. Every domain has lost about one-fifth of its entire workforce and the frightening part is that many more are expected to be shown the exit door.

Who are we?

Verzeo is India’s fastest-growing professional training and certification platform where we train and specialise students and professionals in their collegiate or job space to learn and develop their skills in various technical and non-technical disciplines.

Verzeo is a market pioneer in the upskilling field with our core strengths lying in teaching students the tenets of industry and job domains ranging across technology to finance and marketing. We specialize students in domains such as Machine Learning, AI, Data Science, Web Development, Digital Marketing and Finance among many other multi-disciplinary domains through dedicated course programs.


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Verzeo has achieved all this within just three years of their inception

Job Guarantee Program in Marketing and Business Development.

In this time of crisis, if you are among people who lost your job due to the global crisis or among the people who are looking for a new source of income, or rather simply want a change in the role but don’t have the skills to excel in the field?

Don’t worry anymore as Verzeo is here to give your career a boost. We are here to make you Job Ready and reinvigorate your career prospects. With Verzeo, you can now work towards your dream career in Marketing and Sales with proper experience and the skills that shape your career.

Verzeo’s Job Guarantee Program is aimed at creating candidates who can understand the scale of operations and work in the top companies in the field and prove to be an integral part of the process.

Through this program, you will obtain the skills, certificates, and experience without having to worry about paying up for the course during the training phase. There are no exceptions with your educational background and/or qualifications, meaning anyone can apply and be part of our program.

Open up to a world of opportunities with our Program

Make your business ‘click’ with the knowledge of diverse Marketing and Sales Management and Development techniques to improve the standard of businesses and the sector.

Once you join this initiative of ours, you are eligible for the following:

Your career is our responsibility and we won’t stop at anything unless you get that dream Marketing and Business Development job you are after .

Admission Fee - ₹ 10000/-

Current offer valid only for a limited time period. Hurry!

*Current offer valid only for a limited time period. Hurry!

*CTC range starts from ₹ 3.2Lacs per annum

What do you need to do?

You can know more about our program by mailing in your queries to or by filling the contact form right here. Our sales/support executives are waiting to clear your doubts.

For applying and registering to our program, you can click here to indicate your interest in our program. We will be having a short interview process (nothing major) to get to know more about you and your aspirations in terms of your career.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and begin your journey to success with Verzeo. Staying true to our mantra, join with Verzeo to Learn Here, Lead Anywhere