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Marketing is one of the fundamentals to any business thinkable. You can't just start a business and expect it to flourish without any outsider knowing about it. Marketing is all about awareness, creating a strong image, being able to express emotions, etc. on the offerings that can be either products or services.

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You may have a very desirable product or even say a product that has the potential to disrupt the whole market. But in the end if consumers aren't particularly aware about it it all makes no sense and the company will eventually fail. Marketing managers have been in the game since a very long time and the future is still very bright for younger minds to delve into this domain. In every company or organizations proper and qualified marketing professionals are essential to ensure the flow of revenue in the organization Marketing is all about creativity, thinking on your feet and also in recent times being able to use analytics to boost a company's revenues.

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Concepts Covered


Introduction to basic Management concepts and right usage of the terminologies.

Viewing Consumers from a marketing perspective to understand their needs and requirements.

Understanding marketing of a company’s products and services; Greater understanding of consumers by identifying and Analysing consumer behaviour,capabilities and Value.

Understanding the process of Market Research and techniques to implement market research.

Understanding Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning and marketing fundamentals. An Introduction to Market Mix.

Understanding the process of lead generation, marketing funnel, importance and creation of a landing page and automation tools.

Introduction to Digital Marketing; Understanding and application of Subliminal Advertising and Product Design Survey.

Compilation of Case studies to understand the concepts better and deduce relevant solutions and results.

Verzeo’s internship in marketing covers almost every aspect of the fundamentals in marketing. In this internship in marketing you will not only gain theoretical knowledge about marketing and how it works but also will have the opportunity to work in a live project in the domain. It really helps the student in the domain of marketing to understand how it works in the real world which contributes to the overall understanding of the concepts in marketing. The Marketing internship has the following syllabus that would be taught to the students.

Introduction to Marketing Management

Marketing and Company Orientation

Understanding Consumers

Market Research


Retail Markets

Digital Marketing

SMM, Analysis, SEO, SEM

Project Titles


1. Ad Campaigns

Determine and run various campaigns that advertise and help your sample product outreach within the community.

2.Customer Survey Analysis

For your product take customer feedback on usage and based on the feedback, analyse the way forward to market your product better.

Sample Certificate


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  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 1 minor project + 1 major project
  • Internship Certificate from Verzeo on successful project completion
  • 8 + hours mentor training
  • Co-branded internship from Verzeo and Google
  • Cobranded Internship Certificate

Mentor Led


  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 1 minor project + 1 major project
  • Internship Certificate from Verzeo on successful project completion
  • 16 + hours mentor training & project assistance
  • Co-branded internship from Verzeo and Google
  • Cobranded Internship Certificate



  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 2 minor project + 2 major project
  • Internship Certificate from Verzeo on successful project completion
  • 24 + hours mentor training & project assistance
  • Co-branded internship from Verzeo and Google
  • Cobranded Internship Certificate

What After This Internship ? What Future Lies Ahead ?


As mentioned before Marketing has existed for a long time. Fun-fact, marketing was first explored in the 1900 and since then has been taught and widely used in every organization. Its concepts and developments throughout the years in aspects such as branding, advertising, consumer behaviour, etc. has evolved. Lately after the popularity and widespread use of internet, many new avenues, jobs, areas, etc. have opened up for marketing enthusiasts. Some of the up and coming career aspects in marketing that have been in the rise in recent years are

Marketing Specialist

Social Media Manager

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Email Marketing Manager

Web Content Writer

Web Producer

Product Manager

Marketing Analyst

Advertising Coordinator

Advertising Manager

Public Relations Manager

Brand Manager

Media Buyer

Chief Marketing Officer

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Director

e-Commerce Manager

The future is very bright for a marketing enthusiast as he has so many opportunities which he can specialize in. After the internship with Verzeo he is equipped with the necessary skills as well as the required knowledge and understanding to venture into any of these areas and become successful in life.



Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! Marketing is one tool that keeps the business & industry running and harbouring new clients & users. Marketing is not only about finding new consumers but also maintaining a loyal bunch of them to keep money flowing in.
Here are a few roles in Marketing, Sales and Advertising all put together- Marketing Communication Manager,Marketing Research Analyst,Product Manager,Marketing Consultant,Marketing Promotions Specialist,Creative Marketing Assistant, Advertising Coordinator.
Social Media Marketing Tools - Canva, Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics ; Rapportive - titles and contacts of various companies ; MozBar - SEO tool ; Trello- For Commendable coordination of Team members and others automation tools.
Curious and Inquisitive, Good at observations and research, Effective Planning and Execution abilities, Exceptional Written and Oral Communications, Always Driven and Motivated, Sales Ability and Relation Builders
One can enter into the Marketing field as a Marketing Associate and gain experience to become a Marketing Manager with time or can also use this Marketing Knowledge and obtain a specialised MBA degree in management to climb the ladder.
The average pay-scale of a Marketing Associate is 4 Lacs per annum and ranges till 10 Lacs per annum for a Marketing Manager. However the roles are as diverse as they can get with challenging opportunities.
Verzeo does have a department dedicated to the placement of students and is successful in arranging career guidance throughout the year. Verzeo has been successful in maintaining high placement statistics over the years and the fact registered students bear the recession blues with record-breaking placements itself is a testimony to superior quality.