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Machine Learning has become the foundation of many computing principles and careers. Achieve your career goals with our Machine Learning course, rated the highest by our student base.

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Overview of Machine Learning

The strides that we have taken in the field of technology have opened a door of exclusive possibilities, Machine Learning, An application of Artificial Intelligence. It has the ability of Learning by itself without Human interference with the help of data.

Algorithms identify and observe the data, clean it, find patterns, and and suggests decisions to ease the human workload.

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Various programming languages such as R and Python help in Data analysis, deploy algorithms, etc. Machine learning with R and Python being one of the most widely used open programming languages is one of the tools required for being a data scientist. There are various categories of ML algorithms, that include:

Supervised: Such an algorithm is used when the past data is stored and analyzed to predict the future events, Any errors are also identified by the algorithm.

Semi-supervised: This is in-between the supervised and unsupervised category. This is normally chosen since a small quantity of data is labelled and a large portion is unlabeled data.

Unsupervised: The information or the data which is used to train is neither classified nor is it labelled. Such an algorithm is used to draw inferences for hidden structure from the data which is unlabelled.

Machine Learning enables accurate results by analysis of enormous volumes of data. This field of work requires a strong grasp on machine learning with R and Python and other Machine Learning languages. An internship in the field could open the door of countless possibilities for a candidate.

Verzeo provides an excellent opportunity for individuals with their Machine learning internship which covers Python, Data Analysis with Pandas, various Machine Learning Algorithms and Natural Langauge Processing, etc. projects such as Walmart Sales Forecasting, Wine Quality Prediction, etc would give the real-time experience needed in the industry and would make any student career ready. The various skills you would be blessed with the internship are:

  • Learning about various Machine Learning concepts.
  • Core Python skills required in the industry.
  • Various Machine Learning Implementations of Algorithms on data set for the recognition and analysis of the programs.
  • Real-life implementation of those concepts via projects on music Recommendation systems, Face detection, etc.
  • Learning about NLP, Natural Language Processing that acts as a bridge between the Human and the Machines.

The MTA ( Microsoft Technology Associate) certification given in the course is one of the most recommended by experts for students looking forward to setting their professional experience in the IT field.

Indeed Machine Learning in R is a sought after skill across the globe. A Machine Learning Internship would not only be lucrative, but also beneficial for one’s career.

Concepts covered in Machine Learning

In this section, we will learn about the background and importance of this language.

In this section, we cover the basic concepts and fundamentals necessary to learn Python

Learn the core concepts of Python, including intermediate-advanced patterns and concepts.

Learn Pandas, a very popular Python library used for data analysis.

Understand the importance of Machine Learning and how we use it in our daily tasks.

Learn how to write ML algorithms and write codes to make programs more intelligent.

Implement ML algorithms on a set of data to recognize and analyse programs

Get introduced to NLP, which enables a connection between machines and humans

Project Titles

To improve your practical exposure to the subject we also provide you with projects to work on that simulate the real-world technicalities concerning Machine Learning.

Machine Learning

Music Recommendation System

Make a recommendation system to prescribe music based on the user’s history.

Face Detection

Create a system that detects and analyzes distinct facial features.

Wine Quality Prediction

Create a quality prediction model to determine the quality of the wine.

Breast Cancer Prediction

Using various parameters, detect the onset of Breast Cancer in a patient.

Stock Price Prediction

Determine and predict the behaviour of the stock prices .

Movie Recommendation Systems

Create a system that recommends new movies based on user choices .

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Analyze the traction and community performance of a social media platform.

Walmart Sales Forecasting

Analyze and predict sales performance of Walmart

Certified Course

Our way of recognizing your efforts is to keep our end of the bargain by providing you with the necessary certifications for your hardwork.

Get certified by top institutions in the country and Microsoft, our Gold Partner in helping us empower students like you with the requisite skills in your domain of proficiency.

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This course is started with a prerequisite of Python and Statistical Concepts and moves to ML algorithms - Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Algorithms and Natural Language Processing.

ML engineers are hired by Global MNCs like Amazon, Microsoft, General Electric, Accenture, Alibaba etc and are very valuable to the companies.

The average salary of an ML engineer in India is around 12LPA and can go as high as 30LPA with increased experience.

Most definitely, yes! Machine Learning is a very sought after job globally, there will always be demand in the market. Obtaining a master’s degree and gaining specialization is a cherry on top.

Microsoft Technological Associate is a fundamental entry-level certification that is recommended for those who are interested in setting up a career in IT. This certification is a great addition to your list of credentials and can supplement your profile for job prospects in the future.

Verzeo does have a department dedicated to the placement of students and is successful in arranging career guidance throughout the year. Verzeo has been successful in maintaining high placement statistics over the years and the fact registered students bear the recession blues with record-breaking placements itself is a testimony to superior quality.


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