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Internal Combustion(IC) Engines provide for outstanding performance and durability for vehicles. The modern IC engine has proven to be a technological marvel and some even consider it to be a mechanical marvel. Along with gasoline, petrol, or diesel, they can also make the use of renewable or alternative fuels viz. Natural gas, biodiesel, ethanol, etc. Applications of the IC engine design have also made its wat to hybrid electric powertrains which help them in increasing the fuel economy.

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So how does an IC engine exactly work ?

Combustion, which is commonly known as burning, is a basic chemical process that releases energy from a particular fuel and air mixture. In an IC engine, both the combustion and ignition of the fuel occur in the engine itself. The energy within the IC engine is partially converted kinetic energy. The basic structure of the engine includes a fixed cylinder and a moving piston. The combustion gases that expand push the piston, which in turn rotates the crankshaft. All in all, though the intricate system of gears in the powertrain this motion gives power to the vehicle and results in movement.

Ic engines are mainly divided into two types:

Spark Ignition Gasoline Engine

Compression-Ignition Diesel Engine

Most of them are four-stroke cycle engines which means four piston strokes are required to complete a full cycle.Though the actual cycle is much more complicated, the four main processes in a full cycle involve the following:

  • Intake Stroke:- Fuel and Air are drawn into the cylinder when the piston moves downward
  • Compression Stroke:- The fuel and air are then compressed when the piston moves into the upstroke position.
  • Combustion Stroke:- A spark by the spark plug then ignites the compressed mixture creating pressure which makes it expand resulting in the pistons getting pushed downward.
  • Exhaust Stroke:- The gas mixture created by the ignition and expansion is then released from the cylinder as waste.

IC engine design has come a long way since 1876. When Nicolaus Otto, a german-born engineer designed and built the first four-stroke IC engine. At present automotive engineers are experimenting and making developments to the IC engine by extracting maximum horsepower and efficiency from the main IC engine design.Although there has been a significant rise in hybrid and electric powertrains, IC engines still rule the road.

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IC and SI engines are the two basic types of engines used in an automobile. Sound knowledge in their types is a good foundation to the understanding an automobile.

This module brushes up vital thermodynamic concepts required to understand the functioning of engines.

This section answers your questions of “How” and “Why” of the Combustion Process.

Right attention and analysis of a topic happens only after understanding its importance. This section focuses on providing information about Combustion Chambers.

This module provides insights to long life and safety measures of an automobile to ensure efficiency and environmental damage control.

Some of the key characteristics of this IC engine internship are:

Access to exclusive course material and relevant resources.

Weekly mentoring and frequent Q&A sessions with experts.

Live virtual classrooms with 24x7 assistance.

No cost EMI option.

E-learning powered by AI for efficient learning.

Certificates to make your course completion a distinct and renowned achievement from major companies including Microsoft.

This IC engine internship familiarizes its students with the following concepts in the domain:

Project Titles


1.Hybrid Drone

Create a Hybrid Drone with an IC Engine and a DC Generator instead of traditional batteries for better fuel usage and performance.

2.Power Generation from IC Engine using ATG

Create an alternative IC power source to fuel any system

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IC engines are the most used power generating engines. IC engines take the form of Gasoline Engines, Gas Engines, Diesel Engines, Gas turbines etc.
Some of the most popular job prospects in core IC engine fields are FEA Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Assistant Design Engineer, Automotive Test Engineer and so on.
Yes. You will be obtaining an Autodesk certificate upon successful certification of this course. Since this a well-recognized certificate, this will reflect expert level skills and industry ready skills indicating employability.
Verzeo does have a department dedicated to the placement of students and is successful in arranging career guidance throughout the year. Verzeo has been successful in maintaining high placement statistics over the years and the fact registered students bear the recession blues with record-breaking placements itself is a testimony to superior quality.