Business Development


Location: Bangalore

Duration: 5
Stipend: Lead Conversion basis, Lead generation Basis, Promotion Basis
Deadline: 10 Sep


Verzeo EduTech is a privately held learning company headquartered in Bangalore. Verzeo is here to help bridge the gap between a students’ classroom environment and their workplace atmosphere. We make this happen for each of our students by using our specially designed Artificial Intelligence based software. Conducting Training courses, hackathons, participating in start-up events, internships, placement opportunities- they are all just one click away. Verzeo is accessible from anywhere, and by anyone. Verzeo offers a number of e-learning courses in association with Microsoft. The courses, workshops, training sessions and internships offered are fun, interactive and practical.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. You will be responsible of visiting Colleges and promoting our business activities.
  2. You have to onboard Institutions and Students to our program.
  3. You have to promote our activities among the students of your college through various channels available to you like college email groups, social media platforms
  4. You have to approach and convince potential institutions and students for registering
  5. Update the Day to Day activities to our Executive.
  6. You will be trained online by the respective manager before you start your internship
Skills required: Good Communication, Excellent Presenting and Pitching

Who can Apply?
  1. Any Degree, Course, Branch & Year
  2. Final year - Get the Job by completing the Internship; No need to worry about the Internships and Placements

What you get:

  • Earn up to Rs. 10,000 in weeks by working for 2-3 hrs. a day
  • Internship Certificate from our Company
  • Internship Certificate from our Technical partners
  • Special Offers on our courses, Workshops and other activities conducted by Verzeo and its Technical partners
  • Internship offer from our company (Performance based)
  • Recommendation Letter from our company
  • Useful to Build up Leadership, Marketing skills and your CV also
  • Trained by our Experienced Managers.