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Data Science is arguably the most in-demand skill in the industry at the moment. It is the most sought-after career option within tech professionals and students. In fact, Data Science has been termed the “Most Sexiest Job in the 21st century”. Ever since its advent, Data Science has been used in the industry ranging from sports to medicine and this is down to its potential and capability in unearthing unique insights that drive informed business decision-making.

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Data Science has the potential to obtain, analyze, process, and store results from any unsorted form of information and gain various views and outcomes required for the particular individual or group. It is arguably the most in-demand skill in the current situation and has seen a windfall in requirement in this pandemic period as well.Right from keeping track of the orders of your required possessions and essentials, to recording the marks or performance reports of students and employees to maintaining government databases containing confidential civilian information, Data Science is required pretty much everywhere.

The world is inundated with more than 18 zettabytes (18*1021 bytes) of data. Data has become one of the most important commodities of the 21st century and is considered to be an important asset for any individual, group, or organization.The various stages in the Data Science process are:

Data Wrangling



Extraction, and


There are many programming languages as well which are used for Data Science but the chief of them all is Python Programming Language. Data Science is a very fast-paced technique so you will be needing environments, tools, and programming software that can match up to the speed of requirement.

Python is a multi-specialized programming language capable of handling complex Data Processing operations and provides a great platform for us to run such high-end programs and applications, and test the same on a real-time basis. Any of the latest versions of Python would be optimal to work on Data Science projects.

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Which companies provide the best data science jobs ?

Data Science is a domain that contains no shortage of careers. There are several job portfolios within the domain which are all handsomely rewarding ones. Some of them are:

Data Scientist (Obviously)

Machine Learning Engineer

Data Engineer

Data Analyst

Business Intelligence Executive

In India, on average any role in the Data Science domain fetches a pay-packet of ₹5-6 Lacs per annum which can rise up to ₹10-12 Lacs per annum and more based on seniority and experience.

Concepts Covered


Introduction to the most user-friendly language , Python! Learn types of data, multidimensional lists and functions, Dictionaries.

Understanding Global and Local Variables, __init__ function, Packages and modules with PIP, Exceptional handling.

Introduction to libraries - Numpy, Pandas, Matplot and Seaborn.

Understanding Analysis of Data using Numpy, Pandas, Matplot, Seaborn libraries.

Introduction to Machine Learning and types. Understanding training and testing data; pickling and scaling; Classification and Regression introduction

Understanding Linear and Logistic Regression; Understanding Supervised Learning Algorithms-Support Vector Machine, Random Forest and examples.

Understanding Unsupervised Learning Algorithm - K-means Clustering, Hierarchical Clustering and examples.

Introduction to Natural Language Processing - Stemming, Lemmatization, Part of Speech Tagging and relevant examples.

Project Titles


1. Used cars cost prediction

Using various input parameters predict the cost of used cars and their potential.

2.Detection of Parkinson’s Disease

Based on input parameters , analyze the predict the onset of Parkinson’s Disease.

3.Sales Forecasting

Analyze the various sales data available and predict the sales outcomes of a given company.

4.Movie Recommendation Engine

Based on user preferences, create a system that can provide them with automated movie choices.

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There are 2.5 quintillions (1018) bytes of data created each day. Every search, every survey, every entry on the internet today is digital data. Data is important to every business, economics, research, education and helps to understand, analyze and improve processes and services.
Apart from being good at computational and analytical skills, there are four most important skills to be mastered - STATISTICS, PYTHON / R Language, SQL(akin languages), MACHINE LEARNING.
Data Analysts are only responsible for extracting, cleaning and crunching data. Data Scientists also formulate predictive modules with ML techniques in addition to the above-mentioned activities.
Once the data is extracted, cleaned, manipulated and Visualized( using Statistics and Python). The next few steps of building models to interpret and predict results are done with help of ML techniques.
Certainly. In Data Science, you just need to understand the nature of the data and the methods used to obtain the required output. There are languages that aid like Python, R and SQL, and they are also very easy to learn. We at Verzeo teach you concepts of Data Science right from scratch, so it is easy even for those who are not pursuing a Computer Science degree.
Yes. Data Science is in the zoom and its need and importance will only increase over the years. Procuring a master’s degree in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and other countries will definitely open up challenging roles and lucrative pays in the field of Data Science.
Some of the Data Science career options are Business Intelligence Developer, Data Analyst, Data Architect, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Statistician and more…
Verzeo does have a department dedicated to the placement of students and is successful in arranging career guidance throughout the year. Verzeo has been successful in maintaining high placement statistics over the years and the fact registered students bear the recession blues with record-breaking placements itself is a testimony to superior quality.