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Cyber Security is the activity or practice of ensuring the safety and protection of programs, systems or networks from unauthorized digital attacks. Commonly known as a cyberattack, these attacks usually aim in destroying , altering or even accessing confidential data or information for malicious purposes.

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Other names for Cyber Security include Information Technology Security or Electronic Information Security. Defining a successful Cybersecurity system means the system has multiple layers of protection that is spread across all nodes(Computers), networks, data and programs that an individual or an organization aims to keep safe.Such systems have to be automated and integrated across the organization for effective Detection, investigation and Remediation of Threats.

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Concepts Covered


As engaging as the topic sounds, learning about Cyber Security necessitates a good understanding of the various networks available in the tech world.

Tapping into the source of the infiltration and understanding the nature of the various attacks enable us to take appropriate security measures giving us the upper hand against the perpetrators.

Variety is the attractive challenge in this world. Every variety of Hack has a different technique of tackling. This makes it essential for us to study the cyber crimes and types of hackers extensively.

Hacking and Hackers, both being mysterious, through this module, we learn how secure the existing systems are and formulate a way to evade malicious activities.

Tools and Techniques are the weapons to make our data more secure everyday and these are introduced here.

Identification of loopholes sounds exciting, yet is a herculean task. This section helps us to enlist the threats and vulnerabilities.

Introduces us to concepts that we can use to code our way through solutions to problems that shake even the giant companies.

Some of the main key factors why this Cyber Security internship is one of the best Cyber security internships in India are:

Access to exclusive course material and relevant resources.

Weekly mentoring and frequent Q&A sessions with experts.

Certificates to make your course completion a distinct and renowned achievement from major companies

Live virtual classrooms with 24 x 7 assistance.

No cost EMI option.

E-learning powered by AI for efficient learning.

Project Titles


1. Break a Caesar Cipher

Build a model that can recognize English speech and convert it to Text using Natural Language Processing.

2.SQL VULN. Injection

SQL Injection is one of the most important topic in Cyber Security as many websites have been hacked using this


Keystroke Logger is surveillance software that has the ability to record every key stroke on a system

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Future Career Aspects For Cyber Security Professionals


There is a high demand in the domain but what it lacks is supply. Estimates show that there are going to be around 6 million jobs open in cybersecurity by 2022. According to Pay Scale the starting salary for a cyber security professional averages around 6LPA and goes upto 20LPA for senior professionals. Cyber security is such a field that will never go out of business for a long long time. To put into perspective as long as there are networks and computer there will always be cyber security. The types of jobs in cyber security are as follows.

Security Analyst.

Security Engineer.

Security Architect.

Security Administrator.

Security Software Developer.



Security Consultant.etc

In conclusion, Cyber Security is a very booming field and interested individuals must quickly train themselves wih the best of knowledge to excel in the field.



Frequently Asked Questions


In today’s world, information has become the most important commodity for exchange and possession. cyber security is a very evolved and significant study in terms of computing disciplines due to the need for safeguarding such data that is crucial to an individual or organization.
Absolutely. The increasing levels of information that are important to an individual or an organization are being maintained online and the level of security that is required to safeguard these from falling into the wrong hands has made Cyber Security an increasingly lucrative option to study and practice.
For a person to begin a career in cyber security he/she must have basic knowledge of data management and computer networks which are very easy to learn and work on.
Cyber security experts work in every industry or organization from data breaches and attacks. Here are the career pathways one can choose in cyber security:
Salaries of cyber security professionals in India were found to be Rs 8 Lacs annually. For those with an experience of zero to two years, the annual salary can be around Rs 3 Lacs.
Verzeo does have a department dedicated to the placement of students and is successful in arranging career guidance throughout the year. Verzeo has been successful in maintaining high placement statistics over the years and the fact registered students bear the recession blues with record-breaking placements itself is a testimony to superior quality.