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Construction Planning and Management Internship Course

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Skyscrapers, Towers, Palaces have been a strong part of our history and present. The Beauty they exhibit, the aura of the structure holds importance in our lives, especially Civil Engineering students. This field of education, one of the oldest disciplines in engineering, is an amalgamation of various scientific specialisms, comprising of Materials Science, Mechanics, etc. This includes Planning and preparing designs for the construction of Bridges, Water systems, pipelines tec.

  • 16 hours+ Mentor Support
  • Flexible plans
  • Certificate of completion
  • Autodesk Certification
  • Real-world Projects
  • Industry Specific Courses
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A job in this industry is one of the most sought as it is highly rewarding both momentarily as well as the nature of the work is challenging and diverse. Experience is highly valued in this field. Students who have completed an internship would be preferred over those who have no practical exposure to real-time knowledge of the job. Hence construction planning internship is considered a wise choice. According to experts, one of the easiest and swift ways to enter the industry is through an internship. A Civil Engineering Internship is a wonderful way to gain exposure. There are various benefits of a Construction planning internship for students.

Work experience. One of the most valuable takeaways from civil engineering student internships is the knowledge one gets by being present in the industry and observing and simultaneously working on projects. Networking. By connecting with the industry leaders, sometimes working directly under them, creates a network that helps an intern climb the ladder through a sheer reference. Understand the industry. By participating in various areas on Construction Planning & Management, growth is inevitable, and so is developing a deeper understanding of the roles and the industry in detail.

Civil engineering student internships are available due to the nature of the industry provided the students are willing to work in the required environment. A Construction Planning & Management industry has various sectors, Some of them are





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Concepts Covered


Introduction to AutoCAD and Design using Plans as well as Graphical representation

Understand the Revit Architecture system using 3D Modelling, Wall and Plane Construction, Elevation and Top Surface Design

Learn about the various types of loads that occur on any structure including Seismic Load, Wind and Live Load among many others

Concepts of various geometric terminologies such as Annotations, Sections, Elevations, and Plots

Get an insight into the STAAD design software and its components including GUI, and the creation of beams and other support structures and surfaces.

The official workspace for planning any project using Microsoft Planning System. Right from scheduling to setting goals and objectives and filtering reports, learn the tenets for working with Microsoft Project, an enhanced Agile Development Software.

Verzeo has a wonderful opportunity in the construction planning internship. The Construction Planning and Management Internship Course provides an in-depth experience to the students. With the extensive concepts covering AutoCAD, Revit Architecture system using 3D Modelling, insights into the STAAD design software, Microsoft Project profession, etc would equip the students to be career-ready. Projects such as Commercial Building Floor Plan Design and 3-Story Building Floor Plan Design would provide an in-depth understanding of the industry. The course would provide a thorough understanding of the concepts backed by experience. The projects simulate reality and technicalities.

The experience that comes with such civil engineering student internships would be beneficial for their career. The Industry of Architecture, Design, Construction jobs is considered one of the most high-Paying roles. But post an internship what kind of Job would one get ?

Project Titles


1. Commercial Building floor plan design

Design an 80’x120’ floor plan using Revit and Staad PRO including Parking, supermarket, showroom, and washrooms.

2. 3-story building floor plan design

With site dimensions of 60’x60’ for 2-3 BHK flat building.

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No matter where we go and what we do, we all need a structure to work, dwell, and live under. This course teaches you A-Z about the work and understanding that goes into creating those tall towers and skyscrapers we have all marveled at some point in our lives.
The construction of any building or infrastructure requires varying skillsets that can guarantee jobs of their own such as planning engineers, design engineers, architects, building machinery supervisors, etc. All roles are in high demand and contain their own responsibilities.
You will be receiving a Certificate of Completion after successful completion of the projects and training in this program and will also be eligible for attaining certification from Autodesk, the creative force behind AutoCAD.
You will be provided projects of your own choice based on what you have learned during training. The projects simulate real-world technicalities concerning the course you have taken, in this case, which is construction planning.
The field of architecture, design, and construction is a high-paying one. A beginner level engineer receives around ₹6-7 LPA while established engineers can expect up to ₹11-12 LPA which increases manifold in terms of experience and seniority in position.