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Augmented reality and Virtual reality are the latest in the long line of new-age technology trends that are causing a dent within the industry. AR/VR as it has been christened has become the face of modern technological development which has brought a new dimension to computer simulations and the very definition of human perception of technology.

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The two are much diverse and distinct in their ideologies and the way they are used. AR is when digital elements are induced within a real-time environment to create a simulated experience uncharacteristic to the natural occurrence within the environment. A classic example of this is Pokemon:GO, a game that became viral across India and the world as it induced an AR-based gaming experience within a natural environment. The amazing graphics we see in superhero movies like Iron Man flipping around his Stark Tower structure at the end of the first Avengers installment, all bear resemblance to the unbridled potential of using Augmented Reality.

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Concepts Covered


Introduction to the different realities; augmented, virtual and mixed, and the history of the trio. Understanding the fundamentals of Mixed Reality.

Introduction to Unity and its different views and interfaces, understanding Hand Tool and Playthrough Mode.

Understanding dimensional and coordinate systems for 3D modeling, World versus Local Coordinates and Game Objects.

Introduction to Models and 3D objects, Importing Models, Understanding Textures, Shaders and Materials.

Understanding Lights, Spotlights, Directional Lights, Halos and Cookies. Understanding Cameras and Layers, Anatomy of a Camera.

Understanding Scripts, Conditional Statements and Operators. Introduction to Methods, Anatomy of Methods, Specific key inputs and Components.

Introduction to Prefabs. Structure, Working and Deployment of Prefabs through code.

Learning Basic UI Principles and Elements including Text, Anchors and Buttons. Understanding Screen-Space elements and World Space.

Introduction to Prefabs. Structure, Working and Deployment of Prefabs through code.

Audio Basics, 2D and 3D Audio, Parts of Audio and Importing Audio Clips. Understanding Starting and Stopping of Audio and Changing Audio Clips.

Using toolkits,Importing Image Database,Adding Virtual Buttons and Publishing settings for Vuforia SDK. Understanding of different toolkits like ARkit,AR Core and AR Toolkit for creating AR samples.

How do I start a career in Augmented Reality?

There is limitless potential in the domain of Augmented Reality and one way to develop your skills and enhance your level of knowledge is to either learn through online courses or take up a specialised Augmented Reality Internship. Through an Augmented Reality Internship you can learn and practice all skills that are part of your future trade. But there are not many out there who offer the same so it is important to pick the right one. The best time is now and the best place to learn is Verzeo. While in your internship it is important to understand and learn about various skills and techniques whose knowledge and experience are required to understand the bigger picture. Some of the in-demand skills are:

Project Titles


1. Creation of VR Helmet

Create your own Virtual Reality Helmet to enjoy viewing action as if present in the spot itself.

2. AR Powered Animatronics Figure

Develop an individual animated head that can pop-up in the screen and interact with you

3. Animoji

A simulative version of the famous Animoji’s introduced in Apple iOS technology.

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