Summer Internship for Electrical Vehicle in India

Course Description

Since the first hybrid electric cars were built for the mass market in 1999, more than 3 million cars have been sold in just the US. As the years are passing by, more companies are coming towards the joint venture of manufacturing this kind of car. In addition to this, a lot of models of electric scooters and two-wheelers are rising with time which is quite beneficial for the environment. All the global factors jointly promote the manufacture of this kind of vehicle. With this ideology in mind, we are looking forward to inviting a lot more people into the same kind of concept.


What You Will Learn

Learn how to formulate vehicle performance requirements.

Size powertrain components.

Get in-depth knowledge about driving cycle simulation.

Learn how to translate vehicle requirements.

Know how to determine electricity of different powertrains.

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  • Introduction to IC Engines Basics
  • Introduction to Engine Subsystems
  • Introduction to Energy consumption for cycles
  • Introduction to Limitations with Present Technology
  • Transportation Electrification
  • Economic and Environmental Impacts
  • Electric Drive Vehicle Technologies
  • Types of Hybrid Topologies
  • Various Components in a Hybrid and Electric Vehicle
  • HEV/ EV Topologies and Power flow diagrams
  • Charge sustaining strategies
  • Battery Chemistry, Efficiency, Definition & its Parameters
  • Types of batteries
  • Architecture- Cells, Modules & Packs
  • Battery Charging & Discharging Cycles
  • Use of Batteries in Hybrid Powertrain
  • Battery Modelling & Management System(BMS)
  • Alternative Energy Storage
  • Electric Motors
  • Brushed DC Motor/ Brushless DC Motor
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous AC Motor
  • Reluctance Machines, Actuators & Capacitors
  • DC-AC & AC-DC Convertors
  • Motors selection parameters
  • Controls Systems in HEVs
  • Control Strategy
  • Torque Distribution
  • ABS/ESP Interaction
  • Basics on Motor Control & Regeneration Algorithms
  • Transmission and Power Couplings
  • Shift Quality Parameters
  • Converters
  • Architecture Development of HEVs and EV’s
  • System Integration -Dynamics-Topology Selection & Modelling, Braking, Safety
  • Range / Power conflict
  • Regenerative Braking System
  • Thermal Management for Motors & Batteries
  • Thermal Issues & Functions of Thermal Management System
  • Technologies for Thermal management Air Cooling, Liquid Cooling
  • Direct Refrigerant Cooling, Thermos Electric Module
  • Assembling of the Battery Pack
  • Demonstration of the Battery Management System
  • Practical design, calculation session on motors
  • Demonstration of Motor Assembly
  • Practical session on Building of E-Bike

What you will get

Guaranteed Internship

  • Get certified internship letter from Verzeo.

  • Get internship offers from different tied up companies too.
Certified Professionals

  • Learn from the best and most certified professionals.

  • Get an opportunity to work on major or minor projects.

  • Gain an access to whole lot of exclusive content as a part of our course.

Case Studies and Applications

  • Apply concepts of hybrid vehicle designing for developing modular self driving technology for new as well as existing vehicles.

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