Internships for CSE Students| Internships for Computer Science students

Computer Science Courses

Learn and develop the skills to become the next big tech innovator and the future of the cyber-age with Verzeo’s flagship courses on Computer Science covering every facet of the domain.

Courses to get you started

Machine Learning

Learn the concepts of the most in-demand computing skills in Machine Learning and Python programming theoretically and practically.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing

Learn to be “Azured” of mastering Cloud Computing by excelling in the management of virtual machines and software suites.

Artificial Intelligence

Imbibe skills of AI using Data Manipulation, Text Analytics, NLP Processing, and AI frameworks to become the next big tech enforcer!

Web Development

Become efficient enough in web design and development tools to create and develop websites and host them live!

Cyber Security

Protect yours and your organization’s data from harmful intrusions and proof it by using cyber security techniques.

Data Science

Gain knowledge in extracting insights from massive quantities of data in a quick and efficient manner with Data Science.


Learn and create interactive content through applications to provide riveting first-person experience through interactive visuals.