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Data Science is one of the most booming sectors of the Computer Science field. Being one of the fastest streams of technology, the fundamental of data science is that it involves the use of automated methods to analyze gigantic amounts of data to extract valuable information from them.

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Data Science courses and the whole field in general, have gained so much traction over the past few years that it has become a popular course and a LOT of students seem to be interested in it.

Every Data Science course works on some of the most advanced fundamentals of the following disciplines:

Mathematical Statistics


Robotics in Education

Data Science is a broad discipline. Universities around the world offer more than 50 data science programs that cost up to $270,000. These courses usually take 3-4 years. Becoming an expert in a field or discipline usually involves understanding more about the same. And since we don’t have years and so much money to spare, data science courses are what we can prefer.

Data Science course description

Verzeo’s Data Science certification course introduces you to the ever-expanding world of Data and the complex and intricate techniques that are used to store, retrieve, assess & extract tangible and profitable insights from to stay ahead of the curve of uncertainty. Learn Data Science and become rich in the all-important currency of modern times, Data.

Key Features

Skills Covered

Key Features

  • Weekly Mentoring sessions (& doubt-clearing) with Industry Experts
  • Teaching Assistance for Practical reviews
  • Hands-on Experience and assistance in real-time projects and assignments
  • No Cost EMI Option
  • Certificates from international universities and acclaimed companies

Skills Covered

  • Data Wrangling & Exploration
  • Python programming concepts
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
    • Hands-on knowledge of Python libraries used for data manipulation & visualization
    • Numpy for Numeric & Scientific Computation
    • Pandas for Data Manipulation
    • Matplotlib & Seaborn for Data Visualization
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    • Deep learning (CNN, RNN)

Flexible Plans & Pricing

We offer our courses across three tiers based on coverage which offers you the full deal in course coverage and learning materials. So enroll now and start learning.

About the Data Science Program

To excel in the field of data science, the need is to understand how the core technology frameworks are used for analyzing big data. Verzeo’s Data Science course teaches you the programming frameworks Hadoop and Spark that could process an enormous amount of data in a distributed computing environment. Developed and curated by some of the industry experts, Verzeo’s Data Science program could help you build some of the most powerful models to generate some of the most useful business insights and scale it using some of the finest techniques.

Data Science Course Curriculum

Find out about a wide range of topics ranging from Python programming to complex Data Algorithms which we cover in our course curriculum.

Course Content

  1. What is Python?
  2. Python code basics
    1. Variables, Datatypes, Loops & Conditional Statements
  3. Python Oops Concepts
    1. Classes & Objects
    2. Encapsulation
    3. Polymorphism
    4. Inheritance
  4. I/O Functions
  5. Python Built-In Functions
  1. Understanding Mean, Mode & Median
  2. Learning Variance & Std. Deviation
  3. Learning the Applications of Bell Curve:
    1. Central Tendency
    2. Probability Distributions
    3. Hypothesis Testing
    4. Point & Interval Estimation
  1. What is Data Analytics?
  2. Data Analytics Use-Cases
  3. Libraries Available in Python for Data Analytics
    1. Data Manipulation using Pandas
    2. Numeric & Scientific Computation using Numpy
    3. Data Visualization using Matplotlib & Seaborn
  4. Hands-On
  1. What is Machine Learning?
  2. How Does Machine Learning Works?
  3. Types of Machine Learning Algorithms - Regression, Classification & Clustering
  1. What is Regression?
  2. Types of Linear Regression Algorithms - Linear & Multilinear
  3. Understanding Evaluation Matrix - RMSE
  4. Understanding Logistic Regression
  1. Introduction to Naive BayesUnderstanding L1 & L2 Regularization
  1. Understanding Naive Bayes Algorithm
  2. Introduction To Support Vector Machine Algorithm (SVM)
  1. What is Clustering?
  2. Types of Clustering Algorithms
  3. Understanding K-Means Clustering
  4. Introduction To Hierarchical Clustering

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Data Science Certificates

Learning with Verzeo comes with its usual and amazing perks. Check out the certificates offered from Microsoft and many other internationally renowned universities and firms.

Meet Our Mentors

Who share the same passion for quenching your thirst for learning and excelling in the skill of your choice. From upskilling in the domain to guiding you with reference to their own experience in the particular industry, our mentors are always there to put an arm on your shoulder and help you succeed.

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Our students have made it to the world’s finest when it comes to employment getting placed in eminent companies like Microsoft, Cisco and NVIDIA among many others. You can too, with Verzeo Certification.


What important Data Science skills you will learn with this Master’s program ?

Verzeo’s data science training and certification program includes all fields of interest for a data scientist enthusiast. All the major technologies in big data and data science are included in the course which allows this program to maximize your potential. Right from the beginning of the program to the end, you would have dedicated mentors that would help you out with any concerns and queries. Just like most of the advanced disciplines offered at Verzeo, data science is a dynamic course that is made simpler for you to understand with a professionally curated curriculum and minor/major projects along the way. Verzeo’s data science course offers some of the most modern concepts of data science. Some of the highlights of this course are:

Frequently Asked Questions

Still persistent with those nagging doubts. Never mind. We have the most frequently asked ones here for you, find your doubt. There… you have your answer!

Data scientists earn on an average USD 120K per annum in the USA, and in India the average salary is over 10.5 Lakhs per annum, according to glassdoor.

Yes, you need to learn one programming language, preferably Python, because of its vast adoption and the set of libraries for numeric and scientific computation

Yes, you need to acquire the requisite skill sets, and a bachelor’s degree in the related field. It is not mandatory to possess an official degree to get a job as a Data Scientist.

There are no prerequisites, everything will be covered from scratch.

The instructors will be Verzeo’s in-house trainers equipped with full-fledged knowledge. We believe in providing certification full of practical knowledge.

No need to worry. Your missed session will be mailed to you and you can always ask your queries in the next session.

Minor and major projects will be assigned to you depending upon the certification you chose.

Both Advanced and Professional certification comes with a 100% job assistance while intermediate certification assures you a 100% paid internship.

Various certificates provided under the internships will be mailed to you after completing the course successfully.