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The subset of artificial intelligence makes you efficient enough to process machine languages like Python, JavaScript. It is the science that needs no human intervention when developed fully. The growing field of machine learning comes with many opportunities and wide applications. Become a Machine Learning Engineer and learn how to build and deploy Machine Learning models through capstone projects and skilled mentor assistance.

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Machine Learning course description

This Machine Learning training will get you acquainted with Python programming concepts along with various Machine Learning algorithms. You will be trained on multiple Python libraries for Data Manipulation, Data Visualization & Machine Learning, for example: NumPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Scikit-Learn etc.

Key Features

Skills Covered

Key Features

  • Weekly Mentoring sessions with Industry Experts
  • Teaching assistance for practical reviews and project assessment
  • Access to Smart E-Book and Exclusive Course materials
  • MTA Certificate among other prominent certifications to back your credentials
  • No Cost EMI Option

Skills Covered

  • Python Programming
  • Statistics
  • Data Wrangling & Exploration
    • Machine Learning Algorithms
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Flexible Plans & Pricing

We offer our courses across three tiers based on coverage which offers you the full deal in course coverage and learning materials. So enroll now and start learning.



  • Course Duration : 2 months
  • Live classes : 40 hrs
  • Video Content : 40 hrs
  • Smart E-Book / E-Learning Content
  • 1 Minor + 1 Major Projects
  • Apply for Industrial certifications*
  • Certificate of completion from VERZEO
  • Co-branded internship Certificate*
  • 100% Paid Internship* Post Completion of Program*
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  • Course Duration : 4 months
  • Live classes : 60 hrs
  • Video Content : 70 hrs
  • Smart E-Book / E-Learning Content
  • 2 Minor + 1 Major Projects
  • Apply for Industrial certifications*
  • Certificate of completion from VERZEO
  • Co-branded internship certificate*
  • 100% Job assistance*
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  • Course Duration : 6 months
  • Live classes : 100 hrs
  • Video Content : 70 hrs
  • Smart E-Book / E-Learning Content
  • 3 Minor + 2 Major Projects
  • Apply for Industrial certifications*
  • Certificate of completion from VERZEO
  • Co-branded internship certificate*
  • 100% Job assistance*
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Machine Learning Course Curriculum

Get to know the topics covered as part of this unique Certification program that also comes with exclusive learning material as part of your knowledge-gaining experience.

Course Content

  1. What is Python?
  2. Python code basics
    1. Variables, Datatypes, Loops & Conditional Statements
  3. Object Oriented Programming Using Python
  4. Python Libraries
  1. Understanding Mean, Mode & Median
  2. Introduction to
    1. Central Tendency
    2. Probability Distributions
    3. Hypothesis Testing
    4. Point & Interval Estimation
  1. Introduction to Data Wrangling & Exploration
  2. Understanding Python Libraries for Data Analysis
    1. NumPy
    2. Pandas
    3. Matplotlib
    4. Seaborn
  1. What is Machine Learning?
  2. Introduction to Machine Learning Algorithms
  3. Applications of Machine Learning
  1. What is Regression?
  2. Types of Linear Regression Algorithms - Linear & Multilinear
  3. Understanding Evaluation Matrix - RMSE
  4. Understanding Logistic Regression
  1. Introduction to Naive BayesUnderstanding L1 & L2 Regularization
  1. Understanding Naive Bayes Algorithm
  2. Introduction To Support Vector Machine Algorithm (SVM)
  1. Understanding K-Means Clustering
  2. Introduction To Hierarchical Clustering
  1. Understanding Tokenization
  2. Introduction to Stemming & Lemmatization & Text Summarization
  3. What is Deep Learning?
  4. Understanding Neural Networks/ Artificial Neural Networks
  5. Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks
  6. Introduction to Recurrent Neural Networks

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Machine Learning Certificates

Learning with Verzeo comes with its usual and amazing perks. Check out the certificates offered from Microsoft and many other internationally renowned universities and firms.

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Our students have made it to the world’s finest when it comes to employment getting placed in eminent companies like Microsoft, Cisco and NVIDIA among many others. You can too, with Verzeo Certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still persistent with those nagging doubts. Never mind. We have the most frequently asked ones here for you, find your doubt. There… you have your answer!

Training will be imparted through live online interactive sessions and the duration will be as per the Module-wise Schedule.

The instructors will be Verzeo’s in-house trainers equipped with full-fledged knowledge. We believe in providing certification full of practical knowledge.

There are no set prerequisites for the course. But basic knowledge about the subject and mathematics won’t hurt. .

No need to worry. Your missed session will be mailed to you and you can always ask your queries in the next session.

Minor and major projects will be assigned to you depending upon the certification you chose.

Both Advanced and Professional certification comes with a 100% job assistance while intermediate certification assures you a 100% paid internship.

All three certifications have their benefits. But professional course will be more detailed, more interactive and productive.

When you will be learning as well as working under the certification you will gain more and more knowledge which will be a good initiation.

Python is the most popular as well as the most preferred language when it comes to machine learning. Verzeo’s in-house trainers teach you up to date.

Various certificates provided under the internships will be mailed to you after completing the course successfully.