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Busy yourself into the most critical approaches of Banking and Finance with Verzeo’s Certification Certification in Finance which makes you sophisticated about the concepts of Investment Banking and Services, Credit Rating, Leasing and a lot more skills. Make yourself a proficient financier who knows his/her stuff with India’s Largest Certification Course.

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Finance course description

With Verzeo’s Certification Certification in Finance, learn and excel in the craft of making and managing money and transactions. Learn about concepts like Credit Rating, Financial Planning, Stock Management etc and stay ahead of the financial market with the skills, certificates, and knowledge of the practices involved

Key Features

Skills Covered

Key Features

  • 200+ hours of learning
  • Access to Smart E-Book and supplementary course materials
  • Real-world case analysis that improves assessment skills
  • Live doubt clearing sessions and project assistance
  • No Cost EMI Option
  • Certificates from internationally renowned universities

Skills Covered

  • Investment Banking and Services
  • SEBI regulations and Depository System
  • Understanding of Orgin Types
    • Estimation & Evaluation
    • Hire Rating
    • Understanding Hire Purchase Agreement

Flexible Plans & Pricing

We offer our courses across three tiers based on coverage which offers you the full deal in course coverage and learning materials. So enroll now and start learning.



  • Course Duration : 2 months
  • Live classes : 40 hrs
  • Video Content : 40 hrs
  • Smart E-Book / E-Learning Content
  • 1 Minor + 1 Major Projects
  • Certificate of completion from VERZEO
  • Co-branded internship Certificate*
  • 100% Paid Internship* Post Completion of Program*
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  • Course Duration : 4 months
  • Live classes : 60 hrs
  • Video Content : 70 hrs
  • Smart E-Book / E-Learning Content
  • 2 Minor + 1 Major Projects
  • Certificate of completion from the respective University*
    • Texas
    • Mississippi
    • Dubai
  • Certificate of completion from VERZEO
  • Co-branded internship certificate*
  • 100% Job assistance*
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  • Course Duration : 6 months
  • Live classes : 100 hrs
  • Video Content : 70 hrs
  • Smart E-Book / E-Learning Content
  • 3 Minor + 2 Major Projects
  • Certificate of completion from the respective University*
    • Texas
    • Mississippi
    • Dubai
  • Certificate of completion from VERZEO
  • Co-branded internship certificate*
  • 100% Job assistance*
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Finance Course Curriculum

Get to know the tenets of managing money covered extensively as part of our course curriculum which has been meticulously prepared with assistance from the mentors themselves.

Course Content

  1. This module introduces us to the world of
  2. Investment Banking,
  3. the offered services,
  4. efficient management of merchant banking services.
  1. Essential understanding of of SEBI regulations for -
  2. merchants, brokers, intermediaries.
  3. Learning objectives and activities of Depository system, NSDL, CDSL and depository participants.
  1. Solving real life problems to understand topics better and learn their applications and limitations-
    1. Case study on Investment Banking in general and
    2. Advantages of Depository system.
  1. Understanding origin, types, benefits of Factoring, Forfeiting ;
  2. Understanding the meaning, types, benefits and issues of Securitization of Debt.
  1. Venture Capital is risky yet rewarding. Get introduced to concepts and features of VC and Investment perspectives in private equity .
  1. Credit Rating is essential for estimating and evaluating companies - learn the credit rating process, Rating Methodology, symbols and agencies for SMEs.
  1. Understanding and application of Subliminal Advertising and Product Design Survey.
  1. Understanding the concept and types of
    1. leasing,
    2. Contents of a lease agreement,
    3. Concepts of Depreciation and Tax,
    4. Advantages and Disadvantages of Leasing activity.
  1. Learning the concepts, features of Hire Purchase Agreement, Installment Sale and Leasing, Comparison of Hire Purchase with Credit Sale

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Finance Certificates

Learning with Verzeo comes with its usual and amazing perks. Check out the certificates offered from Microsoft and many other internationally renowned universities and firms.

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Who share the same passion for quenching your thirst for learning and excelling in the skill of your choice. From upskilling in the domain to guiding you with reference to their own experience in the particular industry, our mentors are always there to put an arm on your shoulder and help you succeed.

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Our students have made it to the world’s finest when it comes to employment getting placed in eminent companies like Microsoft, Cisco and NVIDIA among many others. You can too, with Verzeo Certification.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still persistent with those nagging doubts. Never mind. We have the most frequently asked ones here for you, find your doubt. There… you have your answer!

Financing is providing of funds for business activities, making purchases or investing. Banks are in the business of providing capital to businesses, consumers, and investors to help them achieve their goals.

Two of the main types of finance include:

  • Debt finance
  • Equity finance

Money borrowed from external lenders, such as a bank is called Debt Finance.

Investing your own funds from other stakeholders, in exchange for partial ownership is called Equity Finance.

A financer is someone who provides money for a particular undertaking. He is a person or organization whose business is providing, investing, or lending money. A financier repeatedly finances.