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Why should you be hired for this internship/job role? 8 simple and effective ways to answer

This is a question each individual who is going to get recruited is asked. Many give a variety of answers to this question. But almost every time they get the following response:

BY Benjamin

13th August 2020

Why should you be hired for this internship/job -Verzeo

“You know all the answers, yet you are not telling me what I need to hear”

Interviewers ask "Why should you be hired for this internship/job role?" question fundamentally to assess what uniqueness you will bring to the organization and also to set you apart from the other who applied for the internship/job.

What your interviewer is attempting to understand by asking you this?

  • How prepared you are for the interview.
  • Whether you have the right skills
  • Creativity
  • Your Uniqueness

Putting time and effort into an intern is not quite a difficult task. They require steady mentoring, direction, and correction which is time-consuming.

When it comes to answering the question - Why should you be hired for this job? Or Why do you think you are suitable for this position? - you should try and not provide a generic and common answer. To catch interviewers attention and convince them that you are suitable for this role you should provide a unique and well-crafted answer.

One basic tip for anyone who is preparing for the interview is to do thorough research on the organization you wish to join as well as on the Internship/Job description you applied for. This will help you in crafting your own answer to this question.

I have come up with 8 effective and unique ways in which you can handle this most common interview question and win over your competitors. So without wasting any more time lets get started.

Why should we hire you as an intern?

Why should we hire you? - Verzeo

Answer 1

Feature your Skills

You should mention and explain your skills for this question. As a matter of first importance, recognize the best abilities required for the entry-level position, and make a persuading answer which sounds genuine and earnest.

"I trust myself to be persevering, earnest, and devoted to any activity assigned to me. I have built up coordination and a good rapport with my teammates in school or working for other academic tasks. As mentioned part of your expected set of responsibilities, I believe that these skills are fundamental for the entry-level position and subsequently, it will be an extraordinary open door for me. I am likewise a quick student, who can adjust to the quickly developing industry requests required for the temporary position."

Answer 2

Looking for Practical Skills

You can tell your manager that you apply practically, for whatever you have learned through your academics.

"In my long stretches of learning, I have done projects that hardly had many practical approaches. With this internship/job, I need to become familiar with the skills related to the learnings and I realize it could be trying for a fresher like me. Yet, this likewise will assist me with understanding how demanding and challenging real-life applications can be, which will help me in my future endeavours."

Answer 3

Highlight your Education

Entry-level positions are for the most part implied as an augmentation to the training stage and consequently, centre around learning through training. You need to remember this and can remember for your response to "why you ought to be recruited?".

"This entry-level position will be an extraordinary learning open door for me and a way to pick up an understanding of my field of training. I will get presented to the challenges of this internship/job and can gain so much of abilities from figuring out how to make do with the work. This is additionally an incredible chance to work with others and gain from their experience and thoughts. I believe it will help me understand different points of view through this sort of experience."

Answer 4

Learning Through Practice

You can likewise tell your manager how severely you need to work with his/her organization. You need to communicate genuinely about your musings on the advantages after working with such a reputed organization. In any case, try not to overstate your skills to your boss.

"This internship/job being in my area of interest, I trust it will be an extraordinary chance to work with this organization. I have consistently thought and longed for being a part of such a reputed organization. There is a tremendous information field for me to learn in this organization and keeping in mind that working with you. I can likewise grow the extent of my insight into the organization through this internship/job."

Answer 5

Beginning Career with A Reputable Company

Discussing how enthusiastic you are on working with the organization, you can likewise portray how you feel the organization’s objectives are lined up with your vision and dreams.

"At the point when I came to think about the organization, what urged me to get ready and make a decent attempt for this internship/job is how I think your objectives line up with my future objectives and standards. I generally accept personal development to be the achievement of any individual or organization. Your organization objectives have such a great amount of effect on me and I figure working with you will assist me with figuring out how to be fruitful."

Answer 6

Show How Responsible You Are

What goes with any internship/job position is a duty. You can persuade the business about your duty by giving records of past occurrences or encounters.

"I can deal with the task at hand and complete it on time and up to the mark,. I will buckle down for the achievement of the organization. Besides, I am certain about working in challenging environments and will present the allotted work inside the given time. I see that it is so essential to work productively by overseeing time in organizations just like the results in any case."

Answer 7

How You Are Unique

You can show your boss what is extraordinary about you contrasted with different competitors. For instance, you can draw out the arrangements of an issue or a function that is currently being employed in the organization. This methodology leaves an impact on your activity profile. With this, you end up being an issue solver just as of having an alternate reasoning procedure.

Answer 8

How You Will Contribute

It will be acceptable if you express the manners by which you can add to the workplace. Certain occupations expect you to work in groups and this is the point at which you persuade the business about your authority capacities.

"The workplace of your organization is about teamwork and coordination. I trust myself to be a cooperative person and can do well when working with a group. I have additionally great initiative characteristics which helped me in bunch conversations and such during my scholastic days. I esteem the way of life of compassion and backing in the workplace."


I hope I have provided you a good number of ways in which you can answer the question – Why should you be hired for this internship/job?

In conclusion, every role that you apply for will have its own type of questions. The above questions are just a generic structure that should be followed most of the time. However, I would advise you to be thorough in your research about the company, job role, and also be confident while answering questions. Even if you don’t have enough experience backing you up, make it evident to the interviewer that he is hiring you not for what you did but for what you can do, given the opportunity.

And remember, always be yourself.

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