Students Indulge In Hands On Learning?

Students indulge in hands on learning?

Adding to its growing cart of courses for grooming Students into hardened…


18 JULY 2018


Adding to its growing cart of courses for grooming Students into hardened professional, Verzeo is all set to organize two week-long courses, one each in Bengaluru and Delhi. While the first one kickstarted on June 1 to culminate on June 8 in Delhi Technological University, the second one will be held between June 20 and 28 in Bengaluru on the premises of Ramaiah Institute of Technology.

Overall Benefits of Championship Workshop

India is at a stage where there is a surge in the working population and the trend will continue for a couple of decades. It’s both a boon and bane. This workforce if trained and potentially equipped can take Indian GDP to figures astronomical. The same, however, would cease significance in case left untrained. This would not just put the cost of their subsistence on the working classes but will add to their woes in terms of issues related to law and order.

Students indulge in hands on learning ?

Rapturize is an innovative way to provide educational institutions with state-of-the-art technology that can make learning more interactive and fun. essentially, Rapturize offers 3D printing services for educational purposes.

Why 3D printing in schools, you may ask. Imagine students learning physics by holding levers and pulleys in their hands. Or geography by touching the topography of countries. With 3D printing, hard-to-grasp concepts can be represented in tangible, easy-to-understand ways. These models can be a lot more effective than the traditional charts used to explain courses in class.


Rapturize specializes in providing databases for 3D printing models, handcrafted to suit the syllabus of your school. Take a step forward and embrace the new, more interactive way of teaching and learning.

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