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Skills required top become an expert in Machine Learning

Machine Learning has been in buzz recently. It has gained a lot of popularity along with its family members. Machine Learning is the subset of the larger and major phenomenon of Artificial Intelligence. Despite the interest, a lot of young and interested students are still not clear with regards to the skills required for Machine Learning. This is exactly what we are going to focus on today.

BY Ayushi

8th Sep 2020

Top skills required for machine learning - Verzeo

Now you must be curious what are the skills required for machine learning or how do you become a machine learning engineer? Well, I got it all sorted. Below are the in-demand skills required for Machine Learning that one must be familiar and proficient in to become successful in this arena and realize their dream career in Machine Learning.

However, the skills mentioned are not to be looked upon with any restrictions rather with the changes in the current time, it may expand unprecedently. These skills are divided into basic skills, programming skills and other necessary skills for your understanding.

Basic Skills (Mathematical skills & Statistics) for Machine learning

These basic skills require you to have your fundamentals clear as these are the foundational steps to reach to the top.

1. Probability

Probability deals with chances and uncertainties. Machine Learning also has to deal with chance encounters because when there are piles of data which makes no sense then it is the probability factor of some occurrence that will help to figure and predict the most common occurrence possible within the data. One of the most well-known and relevant topics under probability is Bayes theorem.

2. Statistics

Statistics can never be separated from Machine Learning because Machine Learning deals with data and statistics and data go parallelly every time. Statistics includes its one of the major elements which are analysis of data and hypothesis testing.

Machine Learning engineers should be well-versed with this skill because for one to succeed in this field one must know how to deal with data and not just input it.

3. Data Modelling

Data modelling is a crucial part of Machine Learning as it comprises of data structuring and modelling of the data in the correct way for the Machine Learning to understand and assimilate the data to work its magic for you to achieve your predicted goal and for the algorithm generated by Machine Learning to be in line with your objective.

Programming Skills

Programming skills are the backbone of any Machine Learning engineer. Without programming skills, you can only dream of becoming a Machine Learning engineer. Below are a few current relevant programming traits that form part of your repertoire of skills required to become a Machine Learning Engineer.

4. Programming languages

It isn’t necessary to learn so many programming languages (not even possible) apart from those which are here to stay or are prevalent currently such as Python, C#, R etc. Whatever language you decide, focus completely on it and be thorough with it.

It is obvious that due to the agile nature of change around, it isn’t possible to learn everything but the fundamentals is essential to make any new thing out of it.

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5. Knowledge to access libraries

These libraries are like packages which are needed to be called so that the benefit can be drawn from it. There is an array of libraries in the programming world and Machine Learning engineer should be aware of how to use these libraries in different scenarios and way to get different and satisfactory results.

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Now that we know some of the basic skills for machine learning., well shift our focus to the other necessary and important skills required for becoming an expert in machine learning.

Other necessary skills required for Machine Learning

These skills might seem to be of no use but are the most important ones. Because these also includes of the soft skills and hard skills for one to be a good Machine Learning engineer.

1. Interest and curiousity

To become an expert in ML, one needs to be crazy about the concepts and developments in this field along with curiosity and inclination to play with data. Being a part of the Machine Learning community can help you a lot. Just one look at the astonishing things it has done to our world is enough evidence. The face recognition feature on your phone is one among a thousand others.

2. Constantly update your skills

Constantly updating your ML skill-set has been said to be the most important aspect in anyone’s life for him or her to succeed. It gives us continuous objectives to keep improving. For the Machine Learning engineer in you, it is essential to have a mixture of broad and a deep kind of knowledge.

Keeping oneself up-to-date is the most important aspect as the technology around us is reaching new heights each day and every day, it is imperative that you stay abreast with the latest concepts and the new programming language or skill to stay sustainable and thrive in the field of ML. Once you are set, you are on your way to becoming a pioneer in the industry.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of upskilling in this domain, we are sure that your interest has grown manifold in becoming proficient in Machine Learning. We hope you liked our article and it answered most of your questions.

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