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How to use Tech to revamp the Customer Service Experience

The expectation of customer service has increased over the years. Companies and organizations that are meting out services are trying to compete with each other to satisfy customers’ needs for their loyalty.

BY George

31st August 2020

How to use technology to revamp customer service experience - Verzeo

Customer service and experience have become the determinants of business growth. It’s the technology that made it possible for small businesses to improve their service.

Cloud-based AI technologies are driving compelling user experience on a variety of connected devices. Cloud offerings from big tech players like Google, Microsoft, and IBM, are starting to proliferate due to their effective cost model and easy to use integration and potential to create complex sectors.

Today, it has become necessary for every industry to imbibe the latest technologies which assist them in better customer service. Not even a restaurant or hotel owner in today’s generation can afford to ignore technology.

With modern consumers whose cultural relevance is maintained through social media like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, the human brain has become more prominent to spend hours wrangling customer service representatives. In this article, you and I will learn about how to use technology to revamp customer service experience:

The consumer has access to communicate with the customer service

IoT Technology allows businesses to pre-program with the issues of the customers. The chatbots are programmed to respond and answer to the varied queries. Basically it is a human equivalent-bot providing the interactive service with the customer, making it possible for treating most of the customer’s issues at a higher level. A classic case of the creative synergy between technology and customer service experience.

The cost per resource is cheap and it helps to increase the customer count for the company and a better way to increase efficiency at lower costs. Customers do not care who they are talking to unless their problems are fixed. It is nearly impossible to rent sufficient individuals to offer the type of always-on service.

It could be useful if we implement different applied sciences that facilitate extra interactive communication between customer support representatives and customers.

According to Forrester, 73% of online adults say that value for their time is the most important thing a company can do while providing online services by building online self-service forms that trigger automated workflows, businesses can provide accelerated responses in time for dealing with customers problems. This, in turn, requires no human intervention and promotes the effect of the relationship between technology and customer service.

Customer Relations Management systems enable businesses to manage each customer’s data and track their relationship from beginning to end, providing valuable insight to improve service and bring new customers.

CRM technology is integrated with other software applications for signing documents, managing customer billings, and more. According to a survey by CRM giant Salesforce, 35% of customers receiving consistently excellent service are more likely to stick around and spread the word for a business or service.

Augmented Reality would help a customer service representative walk a customer through a complicated process much more effectively than would be possible using text alone. Customers would recognize the effort to provide them with stellar service experience in a way that is also safer.

The cost of production reduces while increasing the longevity of the business

Technology has made it cheaper to respond to customer’s problems. The cost per resource decreases because the money is not spent on the human workforce which makes it much cheaper to respond to the consumer’s dissatisfaction and redressal.

For example, a bank ATM responds to the customer connected to the Internet, helping banks to provide seamless banking services.

The use of technology offers a range of solutions at effective costs offering control at the operational, financial, and strategic levels. Various studies have shown that social media data and customer review analytics have helped in optimizing the distribution and maximizing revenue growth.

Community management and engagement on social media networks is important. However, when it comes to leveraging the social media web to increase revenue measurably, tapping the power of an effective revenue strategy would indeed result in measurable return on investments.

The bottom line is to make sure that the customer feels valued with your service. That translates to better customer support, gross sale, and income.

Curate Automated Marketing Strategies

One of the most important things technology has enabled businesses is to curate marketing strategies. Businesses can use technology to create targeted marketing campaigns based on demographics by social media companies. Through online and automated social media marketing, businesses can ensure that their ads can go to the only prospective customers.

Knowledge analytics can be deployed to check buyers’ habits and pursuits throughout online touchpoints, separating accordingly right into the checklist based mostly on a set of parameters.

The businesses can also use social media to remarket to those targets who have shown interest and visited their websites until the purchase or final action. The main pillar of customer service is to not ease customers’ process and strain.

Data analytics can be used to evaluate the customer’s interests that make a better customer service experience and increase the loyalty of the customers towards the business.

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