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What is IoT? A complete guide for beginners

What is IoT (i.e. Internet of Things) all about? You will definitely find a lot of definitions online. But being an IoT guide for beginners, let’s just consider it a technology that helps us to connect the Internet and digital networks to the ‘things’ which are devices such as mobile phones, television sets, computers, etc

BY Saumya

23rd Aug 2020

what is Iot? A complete guide to beginners-Verzeo

IoT is a superset that involves everything from Technology, Standards, Applications, and usage.

For example, Alexa, it’s a new device in recent years from AWC’S IoT core enabling any physical device or thing simply connect to Alexa’s built-in device.

Growth in the market in 2020?

IoT is helping companies is by making the product automated which reduces the labour cost, Increases the service delivery, and cuts down on waste.

There are several specific things that IoT makes easier such as Monitoring the company's overall business processes, It improves Employee productivity, Generates more revenue by cutting down a lot of extra service manual costs and gives a better and easier experience. It’s a promising domain and is coming out as a remunerative career too.

From factory robots, autonomous vehicles, home security products, wearable devices and basically everything that collects information from the world and brings the power of the internet to it comes under the IoT ecosystem. We have various devices such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi that allows us to even make your own IoT devices.

Let’s see what are the most powerful IoT applications in 2020:


Industries are increasingly using data analytics using big data and small data to know about the trends or see for a pattern in the market. IoT data analytics is helping them grow with this exponentially. It can be used for various businesses, motion data sets, health care data, and geographical data.


Nowadays, an individual’s health and how to improve it are all known using IoT devices, the main aim is to use these devices to be able to provide high-quality health services.

Devices are used to monitor and support vital data which will further help in making some major clinical decisions.


Sensors such as temperature, gas, water quality, motion, and others are being used in various devices now. These sensors work in different devices giving us different applications. These sensors can keep our home safe and can also check a farm’s condition. IoT sensors are one of the most important parts of a device providing us with a long list of applications.


IoT’s technology has been rapidly helping the farming and agriculture industry in a lot of ways. Using IoT devices we can know the best time to harvest plants, sense soil nutrients, and moisture levels and Create fertilizer profiles based on the chemistry of the soil.


IoT is helping the retail sector by connecting retailers with consumers in a productive way. From payment methods to Advertising in an enhanced way to better feedback from consumers and getting information on what products are in demand, the Retail sector is growing on a digital platform.


A smart supply chain is helping with less manpower, money, and time involvement in the supply chain method. Earlier it used to take a lot of time to track anything in a supply chain as it was done manually, but now using IoT’s tracking systems and sensors all the methods have made the supply chain work smarter.



A huge change has come into new cities making them smart cities by coming up with major infrastructural developments. The agricultural sector, transport sector,  energy sectors, traffic management sector, health care, and also in the waste management sector are being developed using IoT technology so that it becomes substantial living.


IoT is present at every layer in the transportation sector from providing communication, control, and data distribution. In the automobile industry, IoT is making personal vehicles as personal spaces by adding a few significant changes to the industry. Even in commercial transportation, IoT has made problems like poor management and control over the transportation better with controls such as monitoring, travel times, and fuel conditions.


There are IoT devices such as Smart Elements, AllMETOE, and Pynco. These devices help in the agriculture industry. IoT is helping in the analysis using big and rich data collection. They gather environmental data and predict weather conditions helping the quality and quantity to grow in the agricultural industry.


With sensor technology and computing technology growing, Wearables have been trending in recent years. They are small, lightweight, and multifunctional.  These devices are able to keep a track of your health, give you notifications of your personal apps, and are able to do fast data transfer securely.

Rapid growth in Career opportunities

As you must have noticed till now that IoT is literally everywhere now and has seen rapid growth in the industry, making a high demand as a career opportunity. Reports suggest the IoT economic revolution will increase the average income between 20-30% by 2030. As per the estimates by head-hunters such as TeamLease, Randstad, Magna Infotech, and ABC Consultants, the demand in this IoT area is going to be up to two lakh professionals in 2020. Choosing IoT as a career would definitely be a positive note as you’ll be entering a constantly growing domain. Not only you’ll be expecting job prospects but it will be a future-proof career option. The amount of money the IoT market will be making is enormous; estimates on the value of the market in 2025 range from $1.6 trillion to $14.4 trillion.


Now, if you are amazed by all the extraordinary things IoT can do, and how it is going to be the new normal in the future with the speed it is growing all over in every industry and you want to study more about it, or become an expert in it and don’t know where to start from, make this period productive with Verzeo’s IoT online courses ranging across more than 25 industry-specialized technical and non-technical domains. These courses will help you gain an in-depth knowledge of IoT with projects and internships too. Giving you an overall experience on the subject for further career opportunities.