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The Best Student Internship Platforms for 2020

Internships have a lot of significance over a Student’s career, especially if …


16 OCT 2019


Internships have a lot of significance over a Student’s career, especially if he’s looking forward to a career in different industries and wants to invite a lot of opportunities his way in the future.

Even though there are a lot of options available when it comes to finding the best student internship platforms, still there are only a few of the credible institutes which you can prefer going for.


Students come up with a lot of confusion when they are choosing an Internship to go for. However, to resolve some of these confusions and answer some of the most common questions about Internships, we are here with the list of questions compiled regarding the Internships.

So, keep on reading!

1.How many hours does a typical intern work?

Working time for interns depends on the type of internship which you are doing. There are a few scenarios that influence the working hours you have to spend in your internship institution.

First Scenario - Most of the time, you might want to get an internship where the work you do is super easy and you get over with it easily, finishing your work without any kind of delays or anything. All you need to do is to polish your skills and just imply the knowledge in the internship institute. It requires about 5 hours in this kind of scenario.

Second Scenario - When you are new to the internship and you don’t have any kind of skill at all, you might want to put in some of the extra hours to learn and imply what works for you in that particular institute. In this kind of scenario, the working hours usually work from 7 to 8 hours a day, yet they always turn out to be better.

Internship institutes in India   

Most of the interns fit into the second scenario where they are keen to learn and develop new skills. However, the timings of the institutes also range from one company to another and you need to figure out this part according to where you live.

2.Are there any internships for non-students?

Well, yes! There are a lot of internships that could be chosen by the non-students. You don’t have to be in the studying field particularly for interning in most of the companies. Finding a job at a startup is selling your personality as much as you have been educated along with past experiences. Interning in most of the companies usually requires you to sell your personality to the companies and impressing them with the skills that you have.

Discover arious internship opportunities in India

As a part of interning for non-students, you can easily refer to Verzeo for the same which features a lot of top tier companies, most of which offer internships for the candidates with a particular set of skills. What differentiates Verzeo from another kind of internship institutes is that they offer value to applicants as well as the companies.

Rather than just a simple job description, Verzeo offers extensive information about what the startup offices look like and introduces to the wholesome environment of the workplace.

3.Do an internship helps a college application?

As we already mentioned, internships help the students to a larger extent. Most of the schools don’t have access to any kind of internship, which makes a student with an internship quite valuable to the company. Though you have to make sure that you are doing an internship rather than just wasting the time at your home and getting the internship without any kind of training or whatsoever.


When you are hired in a company based on the value of your internship, you are expected to be introduced to the work environment along with certain elements in the job.

Internships also help your resumes to work forward to different companies and offer a lot of opportunities in the companies related to your internships. Whenever you are doing an internship, make sure you are giving it your best and make sure that you are honest about your experiences which would give you a lead over most of the fakers in the same field.

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