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How Artificial Intelligence is saving Human Lives?

Artificial Intelligence, is a name synonymous with complexity and unparalleled ability. There simply seems to be nothing beyond AI’s reach. It has already had a widespread impact on a variety of domains and the benefits are unimaginable. It is simply anybody’s guess that AI had the potential to disrupt the technological world in the way it did and has done.

BY Benjamin

1st September 2020

How Artificial Intelligence is saving Human Lives-Verzeo

These days almost each and every industry in some way or the other uses AI to enhance their operations. But did you know that AI is actually helping save human lives?

There are so many different ways that AI has contributed to saving lives. Here are some of the most prominent ones that we will impress upon you today. Hope that by the end of this article, we can inspire you to be a part of this change.


list of 5 ways AI is saving human lives

1. AI for Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most crucial industries and is directly related to the well being of human lives. Even though doctors, surgeons, nurses, etc receive extensive training in health conditions, there are always cases of faulty diagnoses, wrong judgment on which patient requires immediate medical attention, etc.


This has become particularly useful in current times. The world is under great medical duress and the current pandemic has made it even more difficult to help critically ill patients.

But with the advent of AI, doctors can now identify those patients who have a higher risk of re-admission and provide the required reports to enable doctors to make quick and efficient decisions.

Talking about the pandemic, a hospital in Israel has been using AI robots, VR glasses, etc to provide a contactless examination and a clear diagnosis to help in decision making for the doctors to fight the virus better.

2. Improving Pharmaceuticals

Even though medicines help save lives, quite often they come with side effects. This, in turn, leads to other forms of health ailments.  AI applications in the pharma industry are quite promising. A company named Okwin is using an advanced machine learning algorithm that forecasts disease evolution in a patient.

Furthermore, it helps improve treatment and also enhances the way medicines are developed and administered to specific patients. AI is really contributing a lot to medical R&D to provide efficient pharma solutions.

3. Artificial Intelligence for battling climate change

One of the most crucial elements of sustaining human life on earth is the challenge to overcome climate change. By harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, AI scientists are procreating advanced rules-based as well as learning-based AI models to solve issues like pollution, waste management, man-made calamities, etc which can be averted at the source.

It hasn’t been widely applied to battle climate change, however, if done right and on a large scale, the Earth might soon be able to reverse the effects of global warming.

You can refer to our detailed blog on how technologies such as AI and 5G are contributing to climate change. Do check it out for more insights.

4. Impact of Artificial intelligence in preventing accidents

Around 13.5 lakh people each year die due to vehicle-related accidents. More than half of them consist of cyclists, pedestrians, bikers, etc. Advancements in AI have reduced the probability of an accident occurring to almost zero. We already have seen instances of driverless cars, cabs, autopilot mode on the Tesla, Google’s self-driving cars, etc.

The main aim of the AI systems in these autonomous vehicles is to create a virtual protection zone around the vulnerable road users so that there is almost a zero per cent chance for an accident to occur.

5. Diagnosing Medical conditions

AI doesn’t only save lives in the hospital. According to Corti, a voice-based AI-powered digital assistant, most of the medical emergencies occur either before or during the ambulance dispatch. Many times there will be just a small window of a few minutes where you can save a person’s life.

This is the main reason why it has developed an AI-powered system that detects cardiac arrest. It basically assesses the voice of the emergency caller to identify their current medical state. Sounds way too advanced right? Well, that’s AI for you.

In conclusion, as time goes by, AI is rapidly disrupting major industries and at the same time saving and improving human lives. The scope for AI is literally limited by your imagination. One thing we can say for sure is that AI is the future being used in the present.

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