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How Artificial Intelligence is changing the world we live in?

We are not at all new to the concept of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Advanced learning-based models in AI have the capability to interpret data, learn, and act intelligently. In short, they can make their own decisions without the need for human intervention, once the model is finalized.

BY Benjamin

2nd Sep 2020

How artificial intelligence is changing the world we live in -Verzeo

You might’ve read our blog on “How Artificial Intelligence is saving Human Lives”, and it's quite evident that AI is the saviour that the world and the society we live in, needs right now.

And experts still say that AI as a technology is still in its infancy and can do many more wonderful things in the future. If you still need to understand why AI is creating so much hype these days, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Some of the reasons why AI is changing, or a better way to put it, transforming our world are discussed in this blog

Reasons why Artificial Intelligence is transforming our world

1. AI is literally everywhere

Most of us won’t even realize that AI is omnipresent in even the smallest of tasks we do every day. From asking Alexa or Google’s Assistant “What’s the weather today”, browsing through youtube to get suggestions based on your interests, unlocking your phone using facial recognition, swiping on Tinder, getting suggestions on what to watch next on Netflix, etc. I’m sure you have done at least one of these things today.

Our lives these days revolve around AI and most of us didn’t even have a clue about it. Most of the technologies we use these days are powered by AI in some form or another. We just have to realize that AI is, in fact, so deeply embedded in our daily lives, living without it would not be something we would ever want.

2. Artificial intelligence is transforming businesses and industries

AI can outperform humans in a variety of different tasks and at the fraction of the cost. It doesn’t mean replacing humans but in turn, enhancing their capabilities. And it is not just limited to businesses. AI is revolutionizing and transforming entire industries. Breakthroughs in industries such as farming and agriculture, education, entertainment, healthcare, etc. have seen growth and increased efficiency like never before.

For instance, Google Health, while on clinical trials showed that AI is much better and efficient in detecting early signs of breast cancer than radiologists. The “false positives” too were far lesser than their human counterparts.

3. AI isn’t replacing humans, it is enhancing them

There are a lot of misconceptions right now that AI is replacing humans as the workforce. However, in reality, there is a job shift and not a job replacement. AI is getting more and more intelligent with newer, advanced, and complex models being developed at this very moment. More and more industries are getting automated due to this.

But this means we need more people working in AI rather than mundane tasks which decrease efficiencies across industries, the jobs of which need automation. It would be wrong to say that jobs won’t be lost due to AI but, in essence, it means that the quality of jobs is changing for good.

4. AI is getting affordable

These days it doesn’t require too much money to access AI tech. Obviously not the advanced level AI tech. But advancements are subjective to time, aren't they? Think about it; the technology that is affordable right now like virtual assistants, AI cameras, etc. were pretty expensive years back but have become more affordable and widely available with time.

5. AI is helping to develop and enhance other technologies.

Yeah, it's pretty self-explanatory. We know many technologies have been transformed due to AI and some are still being as AI gets better. Also, AI is acting as a foundation for newer technologies that have tremendous potential in the coming years.

Think of all the cool stuff that AI has done such as virtual assistants, self-driving cars, robotics, etc. , all of this was based on AI. Thanks to AI, many more technologies are in the process of development to make human lives easier and much safer. All we have to do is just be prepared for it.

In conclusion, AI will change the world at a much faster pace and our job is to move with it. Human lives will be transformed, maybe even to something unimaginable right now. It is about time that the employment scenario changes all around the world.

It is now or never to get yourself trained and skilled in technology, as it is quite evident it is going to be one of the most growing industries in the next few years.

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