Successful student habits | How to be successful in School and Life




       By Anurag Sinha

“ Success is when your signature changes into Autograph !!” - A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

What is Success? Success stems from hard work, dedication, and motivation. Success is comparable to chef’s perfect recipes, an engineer’s final drawing, or a scientist’s research, which leads to saving lives. Without trial and error, there is no such thing as Success. A large contributor to ones Success is making mistakes and then learning from those mistakes. Just like the perfect recipe from a chef, an engineer’s final drawing or a scientist’s research, people may fail the first time but with trial and error it can be perfected. No one is perfect. The key to Success is to have a passion for whatever it is someone chooses to do. Passion is the fuel that ignites the fire. Many people live heir life with a career that they do not love, or they never find their calling.


In life, people are exposed to several problems and challenges, and it is only when such obstacles are tackled will a person be able to be Successful. Success can never be earned by staying idle and this implies that it is important to put an effort to increase the chances of becoming Successful in life. Hard work has always been encouraged starting from the time when a person is still young. Parents are used to telling their children to avoid laziness to do well in school. Studies have also shown that hardworking Students tend to excel in both their academics as well as extracurricular activities. Therefore, struggling is one of the most important components that differentiate between a Successful person and a failure.



There is a phrase that says, “No pain, no gain,” and this implies that people have to struggle to increase their chances of being Successful. A talented individual must exploit his potential by putting them into practice to perfect his abilities. It is through such efforts that often lead to success. Lazy people who do not invest any iota of effort often find themselves poor and Success never comes to them.