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Cyber Security is one of the most versatile courses in India which promises a lot of opportunities…


20 MARCH 2019


Q.Why should we do Internships on Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is one of the most versatile Courses in India which promises a lot of opportunities for students in India as well as the whole world. It is such a field of Computer science which promotes undefined opportunities and is based on an amazing concept of security of different elements across the world we are living in.

Cybersecurity is such a Course that has options for building a career is almost all the companies because of its implementation in all the aspects of the company and its working.Even though Cybersecurity offers great career opportunities, still getting Internships in Cybersecurity is a hard thing because most of the students fail to clear the Cybersecurity Interviews.

The reason why this happens is that students generally don’t know all the answers to the questions asked in cybersecurity Interviews. Probably if you aren’t aware of the Internship questions on Cybersecurity, we are here to help as we have answered some of the most asked questions about Cybersecurity which would help you clear your next Interview! Good luck!

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Q.Could you explain to us the difference between a threat, vulnerability, and risk?

This question requires a deep understanding of Cybersecurity and its concepts along with terms revolving it and thus you should be able to give a strong response. Make sure you follow a follow-up question and know what you want to focus on. Put it this way - a threat is from someone who is targeting a vulnerability in the organization which wasn’t mitigated or taken care of as it wasn’t considered as a risk.

Q. How can you define the importance of DN's Monitoring?

Most of the people argue over the fact that DN's Monitoring isn’t necessary or otherwise, it indicates that there is a weakness in the DN's. As per the other definition, DN's Monitoring is prudent because its queries are a data-exfiltration vector that comes from networks that allow any kind of host to communicate to the internet on Port 53.


Q. Could you differentiate between HTTPs, SL and TLs?

HTTPs could simply be put down as HyperText Protocol and it is responsible for securing communications over a network.About the TLs, it is a transport layer of security which is a successor protocol to SL.The whole crux of your answer should be that you should be able to demonstrate the differences between the three of these elements and how the network-related protocols could be used to understand the risks involved.

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Q. Where do you see yourself in five years?

People always expect that they would be flourishing in their career in five years, yet it is quite involuntary. Rather than focusing on the riches, try looking further with your knowledge and skills and let the employer know how you could benefit the company. Let him/her know that you see yourself at a very senior position in the company with the same amount of passion as you would have while taking up this job.


Q. Why do you want an internship on Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is such a Course that provides such kind of opportunities that are suitable for students of our generation with a great caliber and a unique talent. Overall, it is such a Course that fulfills the dreams of a modern India.

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