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Where could Computer Science take you in the next few years ?

Computer Science is one of the most common yet diverse courses in the current global scenario. Professionals in this field use some of the latest tools and technologies to accomplish different tasks, enhance the digital decision-making solutions, and make these computers smarter in the long run.

BY Taha

27th Aug 2020

Where could cs take you in next few years - Verzeo

Right from developing software to influencing open source codes, computer science students are the masters of all trades. They can map out some of the most practical solutions to deal with problems related to this field.

CS professionals are known to do all the background work for all kinds of applications and software you use. As such, this field has become very diverse along with offering a lot of opportunities, especially in 2020 and the years to come.

With the current scenario of technology globally, it’s safe to assume that if you approach this career path, you are going to meet with a lot of opportunities.

Since you are wondering where CS could take you in the next few years, let me dedicate this blog post to mention some of the best CS jobs currently in trend and how much you could earn from them.

CS jobs in 2020 and beyond

1. Blockchain Developer

Responsibility - A blockchain developer uses blockchain technology and related programming frameworks to implement some of the most worthwhile solutions for their firms. The developers need to deal with a lot of things like creating web services in order to process the blockchain payments, develop the backend services as well as establishing the online payment systems.

Salary - $122,000 - $179,000

Qualifications - BSc in CS, MSc in Information Technology.

Skills needed - Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio, .NET, SQL, C, C++, JS.

2. Computer Network Architect

Responsibility - Designing and building complex communication networks that include LANs and WANs. They also need to have a large knowledge of the business plan of the whole company which means that the network could be designed properly.

Salary range - $58,100 - $162,300

Qualification - BSc in CS, Information Systems, Engineering or any kind of related field, or even MBA (for a few companies).

Skills needed - Operation Analysis, Active Learning, Systems evaluation, Technology design, complex problem-solving.

3. Web Developer

Responsibility - To build the backend of the websites and focus on the underlying technical structure of the whole site as compared to how it looks. They also need to make sure that any of the requirements that are put forward by the company for the website structure should be adhered to so as to get the desired experience from the website.

Salary range - $36,800 to $122,300

Qualification - BSc in Communications or CS or any of the related fields

Skills needed - HTML and CSS along with PHP, Python, or Ruby.

4. Software Engineer

Responsibility - As a software engineer, you would have to design the software needed from time to time or improvise the existing frameworks.

The engineers would also have to determine how a piece of software could be improved in different ways and how they can turn it into reality.

Salary Range - $59,000 - $120,000

Qualification - BSc in Software Engineering or CS or even MSc in Software Engineering and Computer science.

Skills needed - Excellent knowledge of hardware, programming languages like JS, C, and good knowledge of the software.

5. Computer Programmer

Responsibility - As a computer programmer, you would be writing and testing all kinds of code that run through personalized applications or other such ventures. You would also have to transform the computer designs which are made by the software developers and engineers into a code that a computer is able to follow.

Salary Range - $47,000 to $132,000

Qualification - BSc in CS or any of the related fields.

Skills needed - You need to have expertise in the core programming languages and the proper understanding of algorithms and data structures along with a good business sense.

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