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How to start a career as a web developer ?

Starting a career as a web developer is a great choice. But what does it entail? Before we dive into all that let us first understand what web development means.

BY Param

9th Sep 2020

How to start your career in web development - Verzeo

Web development involves activities like developing websites, designing applications, using various programming languages and using other web technologies.

Web developers usually help in creating and designing the website as well as keeping it interactive and functioning. They work on changes or addition of features to the website & adapt security measures to keep the website safe from threats and problems.

The three types of web developers are Full-Stack Developers, Front End Developers and Back End Developers.

So today, we’ll focus on how to start and have a career in web development as a web developer? You can also check out other articles on other disciplines if you wish to do.


Specializations for web developers

Web developers require creativity and management skills. Mostly web developers specialize in two fronts, Front end development and back end development. While people specializing in one end are conventional web developers, people who are adept in managing both front and back-ends are called full-stack web developers.

If you are curious about being a full-stack developer and what it takes, feel free to check out our blog on How to Become a Full-Stack Web Developer.

Front end development involves developing all the graphics and parts of the website that the users interact with, the exterior of the website if you may. These developers deal with programming languages like HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS etc.

Back end development deals with the server end of things. It usually involves three things - a server, an application and a database. The users won’t see the back end development but it is an extremely important part of web development as it communicates the database of information to the browser. They use languages like Java, PHP, PYTHON etc.

Full-stack developers are those that can work on both front end and back end of the web development.

Where can you learn to code?

There are a lot of coding boot camps, online tutorials and courses that you can approach to learn to code. Youtube has a lot of options to learn from. There are various people teaching coding basics for free. Although it is always best to learn from a teacher, there are a lot of self-taught coders.

Online courses have become lucrative options for you to learn from your surroundings of comfort. Plenty of courses exist including your own here at Verzeo. You can upskill yourself to become an exponent of web development with our courses on Full-Stack Web Development right here to make yourself proficient at either end of website creation and management..

Realize your dream career as a web developer with our internship course on Web Development and gain the skills and experience necessary for working in the industry in the long-run.

Break out of your comfort zone

Remember that while learning basic codes take months to learn but you can do it. It does not take years. Similarly, high-level math is not as frequently applied to code as you think. Just start applying what you have learned and don't think much.

A college degree doesn’t matter as long as you know what you are doing and have the passion and will to work hard towards your goal of becoming a good web developer.

Work on assignments that involve coding on websites. Look for debugging solutions online which are essential traits for a web developer as well. There are plenty of online code-learning websites which offer coding challenges and contests where you can test your skills and ability to solve a problem within a timeline, it improves your speed and accuracy as well.

How much do web developers make?

Web developers are paid anywhere between ₹1,23,000 to ₹7,70,000 per annum. This may differ according to location, demand, experience etc. The need for web developers is never-ending especially in the COVID situation because all businesses are going online and they are looking for developers to bolster their digital platforms, especially their websites.

There are a lot of companies that are hiring developers even in the time of the pandemic. Being a developer is an extremely challenging and rewarding career option that will have you using all the skills that you have learned in building websites. It is also a fun place to be in, learn and work in.

So that is a brief about how to start a career as a Web Developer. Learning Web Development and coding is just like learning Maths or any others. It requires practice, creativity and consistency. Once you are through with the basics, it is all about gaining experience with challenges and constant learning about the existing concepts and new updates as well.

Combine all these skills and your determination, and your home and dry in realizing your dream career as a web developer or as a Full-Stack Web Developer.