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Best Data Science Certifications Which Will Pay Off

Looking for a good certification program to kickstart your career as data scientist. Search no further, find a list of best data science certifications online.

BY Taha

28th June 2020


Being a data scientist is one hell of a job yet the pay is equally intimidating which is the main reason why most of the students aspire to join the same.Companies on a global basis are very much reliant on the data across different sources and are pretty eager to hire the data professionals who are able to deploy this very data for business projects.Entering this field sounds promising, yet you might want to highlight yourself by certifications who are going to help you in the long run.

The data science certificationsdata science certifications are one of the best ways to gain insights over the data and develop skills which are hard to find in any industry you are included in. It also helps in the validation of your skills which makes it easier for employers to recruit you.Earning a data science certification is going to bless you with numerous skills where you learn coding, cloud tech and machine learning as well. The best kinds of certifications are going to expand your know-how and present you as the top qualified in the markets.

Certifications usually bestow you with qualities like :-

  • Better job prospects
  • Higher salary
  • A whole new skillset
  • Industrial credibility


1. Azure Data Scientist Associate (Microsoft Certified)

This particular certification helps you in applying the Azure’s machine learning tools in order to deploy a variety of data models which can solve a lot of business problems. If you work in data science or data architecture and want to specialize in Azure cloud solutions, this certification is perfect for you.The certification exam also measures your abilities to define as well as prepare the developmental environment and develop required models at the same time.

2. Google Data and Machine Learning

Google Data and ML certification include certification for data analysts, data engineers as well as data scientists.Data analyst track focuses over the garnering insights from GCP. At the same time, data engineering track has a couple of two-day modules and a single three-day module which is known to cover all the aspects of data engineering fundamentals and machine learning as well.Finally, the data scientist track includes a single day module over GCP and ML.

3. EMC Data Science Associate

EMC Data Science focuses on practical and hands-on experience which the data scientists could rely upon. As soon as you gain this certification, you can immediately jump into the major projects such as big data or other analytics as well. It also helps you in earing the Specialist level EMC data Science certification, which is a more advanced skillset.In this certification, you would be exposed to data analytics lifecycle as well as basic data analysis methods which use R, advanced data technologies, and more.

4. Open Certified Data Scientist (Open CDS)

The Open CDS is a certification which is based on experience. It doesn’t require any kind of traditional training course.For starters, you would be starting as a level one Certified Data Scientist followed by level two which makes you a Master Certified Data Scientist.Finally, level three makes you a distinguished certified data scientist.The whole certification is based over this three-step process which also includes the process of application, completion of the form, and attending a board review.

Apart from the above-mentioned certifications you can also checkout Verzeo’s pro degree Data Science Certification course. Thus, course will teach you all the concepts of data science from scratch and will help you in securing that dream job! Along with that, you can also opt for other online courses where you can learn in the comfort of your homes. All you need to do is to sign up for the course and start learning.