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How AI is making the world a better place

While there is a lot of buzz as to how AI can be the end of humans and similar kinds of “Skynet” theories (Terminator fans will get this reference), it always overpowers the actual benefits that this technology is giving humans. Many of us aren’t aware of how AI is impacting human lives and in a good way. The problems and challenges in our world are getting more and more complex every day and AI acts as an incredible tool to enhance our efforts toward solving these problems.

BY Benjamin

11th Sep 2020

How AI is making the world a better place - Verzeo

Top reasons how AI is being used for good

Some of the ways that AI is making our world a better place to live in and also having a good impact on human lives are as follows:

1. AI assisting in Healthcare

There are a lot of examples of how AI is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. From better screening for cancer patients, better diagnosis, better predictions to how a disease develops, R&D on developments of efficient treatments, better applications in Pharma, etc. the list is endless and so are the possibilities for AI in the healthcare industry. We have explained it in a much more detailed way in our blog “How Artificial Intelligence is saving Human Lives”.

2. AI assisting people with disabilities

Another way that AI is helping humans is through a way of helping people with disabilities and enhancing their abilities so that they overcome them. Huawei has done wonders in this field. Some of its famous examples include, an easy to use and reasonably priced device that can detect visual disorders at an early stage in children and suggest treatments at early stages so that later on they don’t lead to blindness. There’s another app named StorySign by Huawei that helps deaf children learn to read by translating the given text into sign language.

3. Battling climate change and other “natural” disasters

With complex Learning-based models in AI, it can be programmed to identify reasons, analyze as well as solve problems directly or indirectly related to climate change. With Advanced Models they can predict events, disasters, etc, and also provide solutions for the same, there are also “natural” disasters such as the wildfires in Australia earlier this year. We all know it was due to climate change and rising temperatures around the world, indirectly due to deforestation, but by putting AI to use we can be better prepared, handle the situation efficiently, and also provide solutions to avoid them in the future. We have explained how AI is helping battle climate change in our blog “Why AI and 5G are contributing towards climate change” Do check it out.

4. Detecting Fake News

AI is indeed being used by people and organizations to create and spread fake news and feed the minds of our generation with false information. But companies such as Google, Microsoft, etc are at work towards creating models and programs to detect such kinds of news and in turn fact check and spread the truth. Even Facebook for that matter, receives millions of posts, stories, etc daily and uses its own AI to filter out fake news.

5. Conserving WIldlife

AI has contributed a lot towards conserving the endangered as well as existing flora and fauna. It is helping the conservationists who lack funding, in a pretty inexpensive way to analyze the data they possess. AI is being used to detect the collisions between birds and power lines using just audio. There are examples of AI being used to identify poachers and help alert authorities towards saving endangered species. The possibilities are endless with AI.

6. End World Hunger

If done properly and a sustainable model is created AI can end World hunger. AI can help analyze huge amounts of data related to crops, R&D in seeds for the development of the perfect crop, detect perfect climatic conditions for certain crops, maximize produce, increase efficiencies of irrigation and herbicides, etc. all this will help increase output and eventually help produces in areas where agriculture has taken a beat due to climatic conditions. There’s a brilliant example of the Nutrition Early Warning System (NEWS) that makes the use of big data and advanced machine learning algorithms to detect the regions that have a high risk of food scarcities that arise due to crop failure, high prices, drought, etc.

There are many other examples of how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the world we live in and creating a positive impact on us. And it just doesn’t end here. According to experts, this technology is still at its infancy and the potential is limitless.

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