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Advanced-Data Science Skills to Stay Relevant in the Post-Pandemic World!

The current pandemic has had a drastic effect on the entire workaround of jobs and businesses overall. However, the people working in the data and analytics industry have had the most effective because of the COVID-19.

BY Taha

26th Aug 2020

advanced data science skils to master - Verzeo

Right from remote working to a variety of hurdles, data scientists have altered the way they carry out their work.

The demands of technological changes have grown so much that remote working barely seems an option. The emergence of all these new technologies has set the tone for the future.

And after the COVID-19 ends, there are some of the advanced data science skills that could actually help to stay relevant and actually be in demand.

For you to excel in the field of data science, you can enroll for a data science course that could help you familiarize yourself in the following fields:

1. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Data scientists already know the significance of NLP and realize that it could help develop automated solutions that could help us in dealing with the aftermath of COVID-19 better.

NLP has gained a lot of exposure over the past few years with the introduction of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

NLP is here to stay, as it is only getting increased importance and reach through the post-pandemic world.

A lot of organizations are already striving towards developing and implementing self-service systems such as bots that originate with multi-language optimized NLP just to help solve the customer problems.

2. Geospatial Technology

Companies and organizations all over the world used the Geospatial Technology to map the entire disease outbreak and track the infected areas of the country during the pandemic.

With people working through the data-driven decision processes, the geospatial data has proved to be efficient in planning and processing the system better.

Geospatial technology could also help in the manufacturing and retail industry for the sake of identifying the density zones and the worst-affected areas during the pandemic.

While this may seem like a ‘Pandemic-only’ thing, it sure has its abundant uses in the future with certain areas of our daily lives.

3. Data Storytelling

As data analytics is becoming a prime concern for a variety of companies across multiple industries, the need for great data storytelling has become important.

Data analysis is very impactful for industries all across the world. Great storytelling makes it fairly easier for the non-data scientist stakeholders to understand how much information means to them.

When data is presented as contextual stories, it makes the people more likely to understand the overall impact and make evaluated decisions.

4. Data Science and Healthcare

After the pandemic is over, the world is very likely to experience a massive demand in the healthcare technologies, which makes it obvious for the data science professionals to buckle up that belong to the healthcare domain.

Data Science has proved to be extremely beneficial for the treatment of COVID-19 patients as it leverages their data. However, without prior adequate knowledge, these predictions could also prove to be inaccurate and could have an adverse effect on the development of drugs and medicines.

Even after the pandemic is over, healthcare is likely to be a prime concern for countries which means that there could be a huge surge in demand for the data professionals that could actually use the medical data for generating the insights for a better decision making process.

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